December 29, 2012

Meeting Update!

Hey all! Just wanted to remind everyone that there will be no guild meeting this month (i.e. tomorrow) due to the holidays. I'm sure everyone is super-busy, but I hope you've all had a lovely little break and I can't wait to see you in the New Year! Sheila and I had a little "executive" (haha!) chat after our meeting last month and have finalized our workshops and lectures from January until April:

January: English Paper Piecing with me (I will update the blog and send another newsletter with supplies etc. once it's all been finalized)
February: Pincushion swap
March: QuiltCon recap with Doris
April: Modern Quilting mini lecture with Sheila and me

If you think that you have anything to add to these sessions or any suggestions please feel free to get in touch! Happy New Year everyone!

October 26, 2012

October Meeting Update

Hey y'all - it's time again for the monthly meeting! Since we didn't get to it last month (we were gabbing too much - it was great fun!) I'll be leading the label design workshop at this month's meeting. No special tools are required and I will have samples of both labels and Spoonflower fabrics for you to look at. If we get the time I will also show you how to create business cards using the same method.

As always please bring along your completed projects and/or problems to share with the group. We are also running short on new workshop and tutorial ideas for meetings. We've already slotted an extended sharing/gifting time into the November meeting for the secret santa/mystery gift exchange and won't be having a meeting in December, but we need something good for January and into next year. Let's hear your ideas!

MQG Survey:
Just a reminder to fill out the MQG survey for this year! Please fill it out if you get the chance - if more than five members of the guild fill out the survey the anonymous results are sent back to me. The answers you give directly benefit the guild and help me out a lot! You can find the survey here!

Sale at the workroom:

Also, this month's meeting falls right in the middle of the last week of the 5-year anniversary sale at the workroom! I have also been informed that Karyn has just received a shipment of the new Bloomsbury Gardens collection from Liberty - definitely can't wait to get a good look at that fabric!

September 26, 2012

Monthly Meeting and a Couple of Updates!

Hey y'all - it's time again for our monthly meeting! At this month's meeting I will be leading a little tutorial on creating your own fabric labels via Spoonflower. This will be a pretty easy, no-special tools (other than the Internet) needed tutorial and I really hope that y'all will learn a little something from it. Some of you may already have some awesome graphics skills and I hope that you will be able to apply those too to what I'll be demonstrating.

We need some more ideas for upcoming meetings! November is pseudo-planned out, but other than that we've exhausted many of the ideas we've brainstormed previously. Bring your ideas along! I've also extended the scrap swap one more month, so if you want to participate please bring along a small sandwich-sized ziploc baggie of scraps. There is a post with some ideas available on the blog now.

As always, please bring along your completed projects and/or problems to share with the group. As always we meet on the last Sunday of the month (i.e. Spetember 30th) from 3-5pm at the workroom located at 1340 Queen St. West here in Toronto!

MQG Survey:
The annual Modern Quilt Guild survey has been released! Please fill it out if you get the chance - if more than five members of the guild fill out the survey the anonymous results are sent back to me. The answers you give directly benefit the guild and help me out a lot! You can find the survey here!

TMQG Newsletter:
As a matter of fact last year's survey results were at least partially responsible for our new newsletter. Which brings me to another thing: I sent out the first ever TMQG newsletter earlier this evening - woot! Please do sign up for the newsletter if you have not already; the newsletter will not only be used to send out information about meetings and events, but the contact list attached will be utilized by myself in the event of a last-minute meeting change or to disburse other time-sensitive information. I will, of course, continue to post most information here and in the Facebook group, but the newsletter allows me get information out as quickly as possible to all members and to concentrate it in one place.

September 20, 2012

Scrap Swap!

Hey y'all! At last month's meeting we held a little scrap swap with the intention of turning our scraps into items for a secret Santa/mystery gift exchange at our November meeting. I'd like to open up the floor for people to bring a small ziploc-sized bag of scraps to this months meeting too if you'd still like to participate - this will be the last chance to get in! Remember that you can add fabric from your own stash. but the bulk of the main design really should come from the scraps.

I bet some people are wondering what they should make with their swaps - the answer is anything you want, of course! But I thought I'd share a few ideas anyway in case some people are stuck. Here we go!

ticker tape rainbow
Ticker Tape Rainbow by teaginny

You could make a ticker tape mini quilt or even a pillow cover! Really the possibilities are endless for this one. The original tutorial by Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts appeared on the Sew, Mama, Sew blog in 2009 and can be found here.

star quilt, pot holder
Star Quilt, Pot Holder by coco stitch

Pot holders or any other type of mini-mini quilted object! Think coasters, mug rugs, or even a set of small mini quilts.

My Pillow for MQG Pillow Swap
My Pillow for MQG Pillow Swap by VeronicaMade

How about a fun pillow cover? I'm kind of in love with the one above! It's up to you whether you want to include the pillow insert or not (we want to make this as accessible as possible); just make sure that it is a standard size so that if the giftee has to find one themselves they can!

scrap tote bag
Scrap Tote Bag by chloeandme

What do you think about a scrappy tote bag, zipper pouch, or something else that would be fun to travel with? The above bag totally rocks my socks!

These are just a few ideas for things that you could make - and no, your gift does not need to be something quilted! It's all up to you. If you need a little more inspiration I came across this post on TipNut which has over 50 ideas (with links to tutorials) for using up scraps and remnants; check it out here.

I hope you guys have a fun time dreaming up projects for our little swap - it's going to be so fun!

August 25, 2012

Welcome and Hello!

Hey y'all - welcome to our brand-new space! For a few months now we've been talking about switching from our old website format to a blog format and the time has finally arrived! Sheila and I have been putting the finishing touches on this new space for the last little bit - oh, who am I kidding? It's been mostly Sheila! She is our Media Guru after all.

There will definitely be some adjustment to this new space as we move everything along, but our goal is to shut the old website down on October 1st. If there is anything that you want from the old site or a discussion you'd like to save, you'd best do it now!

Charity Quilt with blocks made by TMQG members. Photo by Kaye Prince

Some things you might want to know about our new space:
- Only members who have attended meetings will have author rights to write blog posts for this space. Everyone else is free to follow along here and add comments.
- Please email myself, Sheila, or the TMQG directly to request author rights. You will need to have a Google account in order to do this. If you do not want to get a Google account, we are working on creating a generic account for the use of active TMQG members but I would encourage everyone to get a Google account to make organization and posting easier.
- Please, no posts selling or advertising. This is a space to share our creative endeavours with each other, not to profit.
- If you have any questions, concerns, or aren't sure if something is okay to post please email me or the TMQG account.
- If you have any suggestions for local resources, or events, again, please email myself, Sheila, or the TMQG.

Please feel free to continue to use both the Flickr and Facebook groups. Sharing pictures in this space will be a little more difficult unless you are writing a blog post, but sharing in the Flickr group is quite easy!

Sheila has also written up the meeting notes from our last three meetings and took some lovely shots of members' work. (Watch out for my legs in the May post!!) If you would like to volunteer to help write up meetings notes - so that Sheila isn't doing everything herself - that would be great!

Please add this blog to your reader, use GFC, or follow along with us via RSS so that you don't miss any info. Meeting information for each month will be posted here as well as in the Facebook group.

Thanks and I can't wait to start sharing with y'all in our new space!
- Kaye
President, Toronto Modern Quilt Guild

July 30, 2012


It was a busy weekend for the TMQG!  On Saturday a bunch of us made the trip to Black Creek Pioneer Village to see the outdoor quilt show Quilts at the Creek, which was hosted by the York Heritage Quilters Guild.  (Another post will be coming soon to show off our quilts!)

Then on Sunday we met for our monthly meeting.  It was another small group this month (no surprise there), but there were some fabulous quilts!

Rebecca was first up for show and tell, and she had two beautiful quilts with her.  The first is a quilt for her daughter, and I can't decide what side I like best, the front or the back!

July Meeting - Rebecca

July Meeting - Rebecca

The other quilt she brought was a quilt she made for her father.  Again, the back is as gorgeous as the front.

July Meeting - Rebecca

July Meeting - Rebecca

Rebecca quilted both of these quilts herself by renting some time on a long-arm machine, and she did a fabulous job.

Next, Kaye showed off her project in the brand new Pretty In Patchwork book! (You can read a bit more about it over on her blog.)  It was fun to see the project in person and in the book at the same time!

July Meeting - Kaye

Finally, Doris showed us the blocks she's submitting to the QuiltCon Block Challenge.  They're both great, but I love the second one especially.

July Meeting - Doris

July Meeting - Doris

And then we just sat and chatted and stitched for a bit, and decided that we would do a scrap swap / mystery project at the next meeting.  So bring along a small bag of usable scraps to the next meeting, and then we'll swap them around and all make something little with them.  Then at our november meeting we'll use the things we've made for a mini gift swap.  I think it will be lots of fun!

July Meeting - Rebecca

Our next meeting is August 26th, 2012.  We hope to see you there!

June 25, 2012


Well, it was a small group at our guild meeting yesterday.  You can tell that summer and the nice weather is here!  I expect that it will be slow for most of the summer as everyone takes advantage of the warmth and the sunshine.

Just myself, Kaye and Doris were in attendance, and only Doris had projects to show off.

She had a lovely little crib quilt, and the circle quilting on it was just fabulous!

June Meeting - Doris

She had along her Habitat challenge quilt, which she was just finishing the binding on.

June Meeting - Doris

And she showed us some fabric postcards she'd made using her own hand-dyed fabric.  (She took a class with an artist in Mexico back in the winter, and the fabrics she made are just stunning.)

June Meeting - Doris

And that's pretty much it!

We also talked about some idea of topics / activities / events that we could plan for the fall when things begin to ramp up again.  We've got some fun ideas in store!

May 29, 2012


We began this month's meeting by finalising our entries into the Quilts at the Creek event that the York Heritage Quilters Guild is hosting this coming July.  It looks like members of our guild will be contributing five quilts this year.

Then it was on to show and tell!  Nicole started us off with an A.MAZ.ING appliqued quilt she made.  Unfortunately, I forgot to get my camera ready in time, and this was the only shot I got where the lighting was ok.  (I'm still getting used to my DSLR...sheesh.)

TMQG May Meeting - Nicole

Nicole also gave us the bittersweet news that she landed a great research position in Boston, so she will be leaving us. :(  But we wish her all the best, and know that she's going to kick butt down there!  We hope she'll come back to visit.

Andrea was up next, and she shared one of her most recent pieces of art with us.  She used stretchy workout-gear fabrics to construct a three-dimensional surface which she then stretched over a frame and stuffed.  I'm really looking forward to the next stages in this exploration of material and dimension.

TMQG May Meeting - Andrea

TMQG May Meeting - Andrea

Finally, Kaye showed off her latest quilt, which she's calling "The Geese Have Landed."  There are lots of yummy prints and solids in there, and I just love the movement that's created by the alternating strips of geese.

TMQG May Meeting - Kaye

Frankly, there wasn't much show/tell this month, since it seems that lots of us are either right in the middle of a project, or have just finished and already gifted their latest quilts.  (That would be me and my Vintage Chevrons.)  Some months seem more productive than others sometimes, don't they?

We also had some great news about guild members in print!  Kaye shared with us her project in the current issue of Stitch Craft Create (you can read more about it on her blog), and Doris told us that she has a project in the next issue of Quilter's Connection.  How exciting!

We're hoping to get back to some more demonstrations over the next few meetings, and we discussed the possibility of doing some block printing.  We'll keep you posted about that over the next few weeks. 

Alright, I guess that's it for this month's recap.  See you next month!