June 27, 2013

Some Guild Changes and our June Meeting

Hey all! So we're making some changes at the Toronto Modern Quilt Guild; some of you may know that the international Modern Quilt Guild entity has decided to begin charging affiliate guilds a fee in exchange for some services, discounts, etc. In light of this, the TMQG has decided to start collecting dues, to add more officers to the board, and to draw up a set of guild by-laws.

Dues will be $35 per year and will run the calendar year (January to December); since we need to pay our MQG fee next month, we will begin collecting dues now rather than in 2014. By unanimous vote at our May meeting, we have decided not to prorate dues for this year (i.e. they will still be $35 for 2013) in an effort to add a little money to the guild kitty. We are hoping that by collecting dues we will not only be able to pay our MQG fee, but will also be able to have speakers or put on our own show at some point in the future. We also may need to rent space from time to time for lectures and the guild dues will be used towards that also.

At this point we are only adding one more officer to the board - guild member Erin McSweeney will now be acting as Treasurer. If need arises we will add more members to the board and/or appoint officers to chair committees.

By-Laws for the guild have been drawn up and have been perused by the members; you can find them here. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me with through the guild email or through my personal email. You can also talk to me on Sunday at the guild meeting.

Now onto the guild meeting! We don't have any specific plans for this meeting, so I guess that means we need to come up with our schedule for the next couple of months! Do you have any ideas? Do you know of any tips, tricks, or skills the other members might like to learn? Do you want to teach a little workshop? Let's talk it out at this months meeting.

As always, please bring along your completed projects and/or problems to share. Also, be sure to bring along the $35 (in cash) for dues so that we can afford to pay our MQG fees.

See y'all on Sunday!