June 22, 2014

May Meeting

What an interesting meeting we had in May. Sorry I've been so long in posting about it, but here it finally is. 

We started with a little show and tell. Rebecca brought in a quilt that she'd made for her son's bed. Since our tutorial was going to be about circles, this fit right in. It has the graphic simplicity that I've come to expect from quilts made by Rebecca, with such a great added punch of colour.

And here's the back, with just a hint of the exuberance from the front. Such a nice detail. 

And here is a lovely quilt by Katrina Kilroy, who you can see peeking over the top there. This is a pretty great stash buster. Katrina says she is working through her backlog of fabrics from the 80's and 90's, if I remember correctly. Such a great mix of the purples and greens. 

Here's Catherine Clarke, holding the adorable little reticule she made. ("Reticule" is old-tymie speak for "cute little bag") From upholstery samples if you can believe it! She says there is a tassel that she meant to attach to it, floating around her house somewhere. I know what she means. 

And here's a sneak peek at the results of our Sow's Ear Swap. Doris got on a roll and made this sweet bag. 

And here's the first block I made out of my Sow's Ear Swap fabric. Tune in next month for the rest of the finished bag and the items made by other guild members. 

After our show and tell was done, and the business had been dealt with, Doris started her tutorial. 
It was all about curves, as your remember from reading the last post on this blog. She showed us how to piece entire circles like the ones above…

 And how to sew a nice, even curved seam for these quarter block circles.

Here's the one I sewed. Not perfect, but its practically the first time I've sewn a curved seam, and thanks to Doris I am now not quite so scared of circles. I think there may be a Drunkard's Path in my future somewhere. 

And here's one of Doris' own quilts that she brought along to show the different, unexpected ways you could use your cycles and quarter circle blocks. 

Emily brought in a nifty circle cutting tool that we tested. 

 And here's Doris showing us the last part of her tutorial, which was how to make Wonky Circle blocks. That was super interesting, and something I may have to try. Big thanks to Doris for hosting such a great meeting!