January 31, 2016

Quilt Canada 2016 Solids Mini-Quilt Challenge

This is for our exhibit at CQA Quilt Canada in June. Attendees to the show will vote to determine the winner. Prize will be announced soon.

14" x 14" quilt using ONLY TWO OR THREE of the following Kona Cotton Solids:

School Bus

NO other fabrics may be used on visible portions. It is fine to use anything for the backing, facing or sleeve.

You may use any colour of thread for quilting and piecing, but you may not embellish your work with anything else or change the fabrics in any way. That means no sequins, buttons, glitter, paint, ink, dyes, bleach, etc.

Your quilt must have a faced binding. Here is a great tutorial if you are new to the technique. Don't sweat it, it's easy!

Your quilt must have a 2" sleeve. Here is a tutorial for attaching sleeves, but keep in mind that this tutorial is for a large sleeve. You can start with a piece of fabric that is 4 1/2" wide instead of 8 1/2" as called for in the instructions.

Other than those requirements, you are free to do as you wish, but please try to keep in mind that it should be "modern."

Entries will be due June 1, 2016. Our regular May meeting on May 29 is cancelled due to the thread workshop we are holding, but if you are attending that event you may hand in your entry then.

Just to be crystal clear... You may use either two or three of the listed fabrics. You may NOT add any other fabrics (nope, not even white!).

Have fun creating!

Not Really Presidents' Challenge 2016

The only requirement for this year's challenge is that your entry is a quilted self-portrait. It can be any size, any shape, alternative materials, whatever you want! It doesn't even have to be literal, so you can be all artsy and quilt what you're feeling.

These quilts are due at our June 26, 2016 guild meeting where we will all vote upon a winner. The winner will receive a fabulous a one year dual/family membership to the Textile Museum of Canada and bragging rights!

January 17, 2016

Winter Retreat 2016

Just back from an amazing weekend up North for our second Quilting Retreat on Georgian Bay. 
Once again we were hosted by our member Adrienne Van Halem, at the home of her lovely and generous parents Murray and Bayla.
We had a big sunny room full of tables and art (paintings by Murray Van Halem) in which to sew and sew and talk and sew. 
There was some really beautiful and creative work happening in that room. 
And when we needed to lay some blocks out to see if it was working, we had lots of room for that too. And lots of other sets of eyes to see it anything "jumped out" and needed to be rearranged. 
Oh, and did I mention there was food? I meant to take waaaaaay more pictures of food, but every time we sat down to eat, I just ended up, well, eating and forget to snap a few shots of the lovely meals that our members prepared. I only managed to get this picture of dessert on Saturday night. Julie made HOME MADE marshmallows, which were divine. Pillowy and fresh and just sweet enough without being too sweet. And I made some little brownies with added cinnamon and cayenne...
…the two of which were perfect for stacking.
 One of the best things about a Quilting Retreat in a private home (as opposed to a convention centre or resort) is that you don't even have to get dressed before you get started sewing. 
 You can't beat rolling out of bed, grabbing a cup of coffee and getting right down to piecing.
Or hand sewing. 
 By the end of the weekend, we even had some finished tops, and projects that went from WIP's to checked off the list. 
 And the overcast and snowy day even managed to provide us with a softly beautiful Georgian Bay sunset. 
And here's the whole crew, together for a group photo before we packed our machines up and headed for home. What a great weekend. Can't wait for the next one!

January 15, 2016

Christmas Party!

December is an odd month. There is so much going on and its just so darned busy that most people don't have time to make anything, except Christmas gifts perhaps. So here at the TMQG we don't have a regular meeting. But we do have a party!
I must say, there were a lot of Christmas/Holiday parties in my December but this one was definitely the most fun. Everyone brought lovely treats and baked goods and there was even a bit of sherry. But the best part, of course, was the people. 
We had a White Elephant swap, wherein everyone brought a home made gift, and then drew numbers and chose a gift to unwrap or STEAL! Lots of fun competition and laughs and even though there were some favourites that got stolen and passed around, I'm pretty sure everyone went home with something they loved. I know I did!
We played games as well. Can't have a party without proper games! We each made a patchwork "bingo card". Which was fun in and of itself. And then we played bingo for prizes. 
We also had a nice chance to look at the charity quilt we made as a group during out last quilt retreat. 
I love the way the rhythm of it. 

I really have to take my hat off to Rebecca, who basically invented this last game. 
I don't know what she calls it, but I'm going to call it The Half-Square-Triangle Composition Competition. 
We were set up to compete in pairs, and were given a picture of a finished block made of HST's and then had to see who could construct the block from little HST chips the fastest. 

It was insanely fun, and even though I'm not normally a person who enjoys competition, I really got into it! The best part was watching our normally calm and genial members get intense, and even do a little smack talking as they got ready to compete. (Laura had me almost on the floor with laughter with her ability to "bring it" verbally)

In the end it came down to Rebecca and Sammara.
Samara anxiously awaiting the judgement of the official...
…and was declared the WINNAH!
I'm telling you, it was some good times. I hope to play this again!
It was a lovely change of pace from our usual meeting. Can't wait to see everybody again in the New Year!

October 2015 Meeting

Sorry to have been so long in putting up this blog post. I have no excuse except the usual ones, so I will spare you the details of my busy life. But it will have been worth the wait because look at the beautiful work our members have been doing!
 Berene ran the Block Lotto for us again this month. 
 She designed the coolest block on the block for this one. All Hallowe'en-y for October! So great. If you want to make some blocks like this too, you can find the tutorial on Berene's Happy Sew Lucky blog. 
 Adrienne made this stunning Just Like Heaven quilt with a pattern by Libs Elliot
And Dia brought in a quilt she made by doing the Row by Row Challenge in California.
It was a shop-hop style challenge, where you drive from quilt shop to quilt shop (in this case all over California) to buy kits with patterns and fabric which you can then make into the finished quilt. And as a bonus you get a road trip and the chance to see a lot of fabric shops. (sounds both fantastic and very hard on the wallet to me!) The finished quilt is water themed, and really beautifully done. 
My notes from the meeting tell me that this is Karen's first finished quilt, (but I wonder how that can be? perhaps I am mistaken?) Aptly entitled "Finished Baby Quilt, it is made with some lovely Heather Bailey fabrics. 
See how gorgeous that back is? And what an amazing job on the quilting!
I am in LOVE with this adorable HST heart bag that Berene made for her Mum. 
And am very impressed with this photo transfer pouch that she made for her sister. 
The back is just as cute as the front. Naturally!
Lynda calls this cool, modern composition "My Bird Quilt".
Its made with the most beautiful Charley Harper fabric
Lynda is nothing if not prolific, and also made this awesome, zip-apart tool bag
The pattern is from Fons and Porter, but from an older issue in 2011. 
She also made TWO iPad cases. I wish I was on Lynda's Christmas list!
This lovely quilt is "Bed Bugs" by Catherine. 
It has the most gorgeous red backing. (Note to self: next quilt I make should have a red backing.)
Lisa has been making this beautiful quilt, a work in progress, since 2013. It will be a good-bye present for her therapist, as she was at this point getting ready to move from Toronto to Ottawa (we miss you already Lisa!) It was made with a charm pack called Flora by Lauren and Jessi Jung, which can still be found online if you are looking around . 
Elisa shared this sweet quilt with us. It is another first quilt, made for her daughter and is called "Here Kitty." Simple and sweet and sure to be treasured for years to come. 
Finally, Rebecca blew our minds with this insanity right here. Yep, that is a portrait of George Michael himself!
As you can imagine, people needed a closer look. 
Many, many little appliqu├ęd and quilted circles...
…all adding up to create the effect of an abstract photograph. What an amazing piece!

Coming soon: Photos from our year end Holiday Party. I'm warning you though, it got crazy….