November 7, 2018

October 2018 Meeting Recap

Great Lakes Workshop Participants with 3rd Story Workshop

Hello again! Wow, what a wonderful month we had at the TMQG. So, let's just dive in!

Andrea Tsang Jackson of 3rd Story Workshop Trunk Show
We were so fortunate to have the extremely talented Andrea Tsang Jackson in town for a pair of workshops and trunk show. To see more of her work and buy her excellent patterns, check out her website here.

Crow Quills by Andrea Tsang Jackson
Ruby Gemstone Wall Hanging by Andrea Tsang Jackson
Our Song Quilt by Andrea Tsang Jackson

Here's what we learned:
  • Andrea is originally from Ottawa, studied architecture at McGill, followed by a Masters in Education. 
  • She has lived in Halifax for 6 years with her husband and two children and is an active member of the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild.
  • She has always been interested in the intersection between design, craft, and education. She wants to be somebody who takes technology and makes it meaningful, usable, something that makes sense.
  • Andrea made her first quilt in 2011 when her eldest of 2 was born.
  • She won the Etsy Canada Award for New Talent for her Diamond Gemmology Pillow in 2016.
  • The quilt for her second born, Crow Quills Analog, was shown at QuiltCon 2017 and was inspired by the colorful work of Andy Gillmore.
  • Inspired by Libs Elliot’s The Unity Quilt project in Brooklyn and the children’s book Selina and the Bear Paw Quilt, Andrea had the opportunity to conduct a collaborative project as the Artist in Residence at Pier 21 in 2017. Using a the idea of things that immigrants brought with them, she facilitated a block-making experience for more than 1,200 Pier 21 visitors. The project culminated in 10’ x 10’ The Here and Elsewhere Bee Quilt that was awarded 1st Place in the Group or Bee Quilt category at QuiltCon 2018.
  • In 2018, she designed the Our Song Quilt and the song “Our Song, Your Reflection” (with songwriter Meaghan Smith) to celebrate the quilting community. The project was supported by a crowdfunding campaign.

    October Happenings
    Well, it's hard to follow an act like that! But here we are to announce what's happening at the guild.
    • Congratulations and thank you to the 2019 Executive Board!
      • President Karen Brown
      • Vice President Rebecca Burnett
      • Secretary Shannon Nicols
      • Treasurer Adrienne Van Halem
      • Communications Officer Linda Wells
    • Doris and Rebecca shared some of the amazing work by TMQG members with the London MQG on October 12th. Thank you to both these ladies and the London MQG for inviting them!
      • The London MQG will be hosting a quilt show in September 2019. Road trip anyone?!?
    • Congratulations to Kaye, who won the $40 gift card, sponsored in part by the Workroom! Next time any of you are in the shop, please thank Karyn for her ongoing support!

    Wedges as Topography Block Lotto

    Wedges as Topography: Canada MQG Block Lotto
    Thank you to Karen Brown for organizing this month's Block Lotto and Adrienne Van Halem for designing this national block lotto. Kim (who seems to be on a winning streak) won all the blocks! She has a wonderful start to a truly unique quilt.

    Holiday Party Pincushion Swap
    This year, we're changing our gift exchange tradition! The Naughty Santa/White Elephant was fun, but does anyone remember how long that went on for last year?!? So, we're starting a new tradition: a Pincushion Swap! Guideline info can be found here.

    Please bring your individually wrapped pincushion to our annual Holiday Party meeting on December 2nd from 3:30 to 5:30 at Trinity-St.Paul's (427 Bloor St W). Also, please bring a treat to share!

    Show & Share!
    Anna Figueroa moves quick! Her first show and share was the Great Lakes map quilt that she learned in Andrea's workshop the day before. Anna also had some Sashiko to share that she completed while on vacation. Well done! 

    Great Lakes Map Quilt by Anna Figueroa

    by Anna Figueroa

    Valerie Prideaux shared a President's Challenge she wasn't able to share last month as well as a mini quilt she completed during a fibre arts class, using image transfer. 

    Ice Cream President's Challenge by Valerie Prideaux

    Fibre Art by Valerie Prideaux

    Dia Sue-Wah-Sing completed this amazing Double Wedding Ring quilt made of Lizzy House 1001 Peeps fabric. Beautiful finish with the bias binding!

    Pickle Dish by Dia Sue-Wah-Sing

    Jeannie Jenkins had two quilts from her brand new book Contemporary Paper-Pieced Quilts! Love these quilts? Make sure to get your own copy of the book!

    Supernova by Jeannie Jenkins

    Starburst by Jeannie Jenkins

    Kim Mastromartino had this beautiful quilt to show that produced during a course she took at the Textile Museum over the summer.

    My City View by Kim Mastromartino

    Kaye Phillips shared this colorful, reverse appliqu├ęd quilt. Everyone sees different things as the shape, but Kaye calls this one Fish.

    Fish by Kaye Phillips

    Peter Byrne had these gorgeous quilts to show. Pineapple Surprise won a ribbon (rightfully so!) at York Heritage's Celebration of Quilts XIII in 2017 and Peter is planning on building out a series. 

    Modern Triangles by Peter Byrne

    Pineapple Surprise by Peter Byrne

    Next Meeting 
    We've gone off schedule this month and so please remember that our next meeting (and Holiday Party) will be on December 2nd from 3:30 to 5:30 at Trinity-St Paul's (427 Bloor St W). 

    Don't forget to make a pincushion (or two) for the swap and bring a holiday snack to share! We look forward to looking back on another amazing year and forward to more fun to come!

    All the best, Your TMQG

    October 23, 2018

    September 2018 Meeting Recap

    Quilt on!!! We had a long break over the summer and September was our first regular meeting back since June. But no worries, with fall coming, all us quilters are bunkering down and our quilt game is back on. If anyone isn't quite picking up what I'm putting down, think Wayne'sWorld.

    Fast & Easy Gift Ideas
    With the holidays right around the corner, we had 4 amazing guild members demonstrating some Fast & Easy Gift Ideas. Thank you friends, you make the guild great and we're lucky to have you share all your quilty and crafty know-how with us. 

    Disclaimer: Yep, stop being in denial, the holidays are sneaking up and if you want to make handmade gifts, ya better get started now. But no panic, here are some great ideas! We'd like to also thank Claudia of Fabric Please! for hosting a little pop-up shop!

    Thread Catchers by Rebecca Burnett
    Rebecca Burnett demonstrated how to turn a Pringles can, some cute fabric, and some simple stitches into a sweet little thread catcher (video tutorial here). You have our blessing to eat those Pringles too, waste not want not is our motto!

    Fabric Trays by Shirley Dawson
    Shirley Dawson showed us how to make some handy fabric trays. They look pretty addicting and are a great way to use that cute fabric you just had to buy, but have no idea what to do with! Download instructions here.

    Rope Bowls by Karen Brown
    Karen Brown taught us how to lasso (tee hee, I wish) and make those amazing rope bowls you see everywhere on Instagram these days. A colorful tip: Use variegated thread! There are a lot of videos on Youtube, so here's one video I thought might be useful.

    No Sew Ornaments by Adrienne Van Halem
    Adrienne Van Halem had us all excited to make these beautiful layered fabric star ornaments. These no sew decorations can be made into trees as well as balls. Check out this video of what she demonstrated.

    Consider the Bees by Kim Mastromartino
    President's Challenge Wrap-Up
    Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Whispered Happiness President's Challenge. It was inspiring to see all the beautiful finished pieces of happiness. Congratulations to Kim Mastromartino on winning the challenge with her beauty, Consider the Bees.

    Wedges as Topography Block Lotto Challenge
    Block Lotto Kick-Off
    Karen Brown kicked off the nation wide Canadian MQG block lotto. As always, Karen has a great video tutorial about the block. Here are the guild challenge constraints:

    • Color palette: Black, shades of greys and green, and bright white
    • Size: 9 1/2" unfinished square
    • Share: Post to IG with #tmqgblocklotto
    • Due: At the October 28th TMQG meeting

    Bonus: Post to Instagram with the hashtags #CDNMQGblocklotto and #wedgesastopography to take part in some national prizes as well. National social media deadline is November 15th.

    Show & Share
    Due to the long summer break without Show & Share, there was lots to feast our eyes on this month!

    Steff Rose had the most fantastic minion quilt to show. She made this for a nephew! Lucky duck! Banana!!!

    One in a Minion by Steff Rose

    Sandra Sarner had this beautiful star quilt to share that she made from an Elizabeth Dackson's Quilter's Paper Piecing Workbook

    Refraction by Sandra Sarner (Elizabeth Dackson pattern)

    Catherine Clarke is on a roll this year! She had 4 (four, FOUR) quilts to share with us. First up was this quick HST quilt had some amazing squiggle quilting!

    That's Not Red by Catherine Clarke
    Tummy Time by Catherine Clarke
    Sunrise, Sunset, Blue Moon by Catherine Clarke
    Opposites on the Diagonal by Catherine Clarke

    Lynda Hutchison is experiencing a baby boom and made this super cute cat panel baby quilt. The 3rd baby quilt this summer! Sorry, Lynda, we only got a picture of the magnificent quilting and backside. 

    Back of Cats Meow by Lynda Hutchison

    Isabella Garrigan had two beauties this month. The first was a Block of the Month quilt from four years ago. She wanted to use a Canadian color palette.

    Stairway to Serenity by Isabella Garrigan
    Her second quilt was a large hexagon quilt that busted her polka dot stash. That's a whole lot of polka there!

    Polka Dot Party by Isabella Garrigan

    Bob Gentili of Geeky Bobbin also had two amazing quilts to share. Her first was the third Red Feather Quilt she's made that focuses on bringing awareness to the missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. It'll be donated to the Native Women's Association of Canada.

    Red Feather Community Quilt by Bob Gentili
    Her second quilt was Retro Tetro! A new quilt pattern that is now available on pre-sale! It's a collaboration with Libs Elliott and features her fabrics. Congratulations on your pattern launch! Does anyone have a certain song in their head right now?!?

    Retro Tetro by Bob Gentili of Geeky Bobbin

    Elena Langlois had two Irish Chain quilts with the cutest dinosaur fabrics. Elena is an amazing producer and has donated many of the quilts that she has shown at the guild this year. What a big heart!
    Dino Delight 1 by Elena Langlois
    Dino Delight 2 by Elena Langlois

    Linda Wells kept the double quilt trend up with these two beauties! The first is a graphic representation of the logo from her company, The Winston Myles Group. I loved the tie quilting that was able to keep the strong graphics on the front of the quilt. 

    Winston Myles Group by Linda Wells
    Her second quilt was a labor of love! All the cats (nine of them) were hand embroidered and all the patchwork was made with cat fabric. Meow!

    It's a Cat's Life by Linda Wells

    TMQG Happenings
    And thus concludes the wrap up of yet another great TMQG meeting. Here's some snippets on what is happening around the guild:

    • 2019 TMQG Executive Board voting took place shortly after the September meeting
    • CQA 2019 TrendTex challenge has launched for Quilt Canada 2019 (see Jane Cramer for more information)
    • Andrea will be conducting 2 workshops while in town. Registration info here.
      • Raw Edge Applique Maps - Full day October 27th
      • Foundation Paper Pieced Fox - Half day October 28th
    • Save the Date for the TMQG Holiday Party on Sunday, December 2, which will be at our usual Trinity-Spadina location. Note this is a shift from the usual November meeting date!

    Well, quilt off!!! See you at our next meeting on October 28th from 3:30 to 5:30. We'll be hosting a trunk show by Andrea Tsang Jackson of 3rd Story Workshop. Guests are welcome!
    • Note: New temporary location -- 18 Hollywood Avenue

    September 3, 2018

    July 2018 Meeting Recap: Quilts at the Creek

    Fireworks by Jeannie Jenkins

    TMQG at Quilts at the Creek

    This July's meeting was at Quilts at the Creek and we had a blast! This year there were over 300 quilts on display at Black Creek Pioneer Village and the weather was great. Big shout out to the Quilts at the Creek organizers, Jane Cramer, Shirley Dawson, and Valerie Prideaux, for making it all possible.
    As TMQG members, we had the pleasure of attending trunk shows of two members of Studio Art Quilt Associates.

    Programming: Trunk Shows
    First up was Mary Pal, whose roller coaster fibre arts journey shows just what happens when you say “yes!” to crazy opportunities.  Mary described the technique she developed over her 40 years of quilting for creating stunning portraits on fabric using cheese cloth and paint sticks. Her award-winning work often expresses themes related to ecology or inequality.
    Mary Pal with her quilt Unspoken

    Ana Paula Brasil
    , aka Hurricane Ana, is another prolific art quilter. Aiming to make a quilt a day, she uses techniques for capturing portraits on quilts, such as Zentangle and pixilation (pro tip: use PosterShine app to pixelate your photos and then make it into poster size on Block Posters). She has also exhibited her quilts far and wide and shows her students that, yes, you too can learn to draw and quilt!
    Ana Paula Brasil with her Fisherman quilt

    After the trunk shows, we went out on a scavenger hunt organized by Adrienne. We spied everything quilty from English paper piecing to minimalism, from curves to big and small (this year’s QATC theme). We even found some quilts from TMQG members! Here are a couple of modern gems from the show:
    Skittles by Peggy Parillo

    Morning Commute by Dia Sue-Wah-Sing
    If you had a quilt at QATC, post it in our Facebook group, tag us on Instagram, or bring it to the next Show and Share at September’s meeting! We would love to see your work!
    Also great thanks to Peter for a beautiful haul of hand-beaded jewelry that was sold at the QATC Shop Around the Corner, with the proceeds being donated to the TMQG.

    TMQG Happenings
    Our president Steff announced that TMQG is now a member of Canadian Quilters Association, which provides us with benefits including access to insurance plans and a copy of the quarterly Canadian Quilter Magazine.
    There were also some reminders about upcoming events:
    • Our next TMQG meeting will be on September 30, where we will be doing Fast and Easy Gift demos as well as Guild Executive elections.
    • There are still a few spaces in our workshops with Andrea Tsang-Jackson of 3rd Story Workshop on October 27 and 28. The venue for this friendly get-together will be at Yonge and Sheppard. Register for either the full-day workshop, the half-day workshop, the trunk show (trunk show is free for TMQG members), or all of them here!
    • Save the Date for the TMQG Holiday Party on Sunday, December 2, which will be at our usual Trinity-Spadina location. Note this is a shift from the usual November meeting date!
    That’s it for this month, friends! See you at our next meeting in September!
    PS - Thank you to our bombastic Secretary, Christine Navarro, for writing this month's newsletter while I was out of town.

    July 25, 2018

    June 2018 Meeting Recap

    Close-up of Jane Cramer's Waking Foot Quilting
    Hello everyone! Sorry for the long overdue June Meeting recap! So, let's hit it!

    TMQG Happenings
    Up for grabs this month was a $40 gift card to The Workroom. We'd like to thank Karyn for her joint sponsorship and congratulate Karen Brown for being the lucky winner! Thank you to everyone for their ongoing support.

    A few other announcements on things happening in Toronto & at the TMQG:

    • Our July TMGQ meeting will be at Quilts at the Creek on Saturday, July 28th. **Please note that the meeting will be on Saturday, not Sunday. The show will be running all weekend.
    • Sew Day Retreat is on August 25th. Join us for mimosas, a catered lunch, and lots of time with your quilty friends! Register here.
    • Registration for October workshops with Andrea Tsang Jackson of 3rd Story Workshop is live! Register here.
    • TMQG Executive Board elections are coming up in September! Join the team and help shape another excellent year at the TMQG. Nominations so far:
      • Karen Brown will be running for President 
      • Adrienne Van Halem will be running again for Treasurer
      • Other roles are Vice President, Secretary & Communications Lead

    Here's all the dates to the goodies to look forward to in 2018:
    • July 28 (Saturday): Quilts at the Creek with Mary Pal and Ana Paula Brasil Trunk Shows starting at noon
    • August 25: Member only Sew Day Retreat!
    • September 30: Fast & Easy Gifts & Guild Elections
    • October 27 & 28Andrea Tsang Jackson Workshops & Trunk Show
    • December 2 (November Date Shift): Holiday Party!
    Sorry for the inconvenience, but some of the dates and locations have shifted to accommodate guild initiatives and room booking constraints. We apologize and hope you will be able to join us!

    Missing Pieces designed by Adrienne Van Halem

    2019 QuiltCon Charity Quilt
    Lynda Hutchison and Adrienne Van Halem were hard at work organizing the fabrication of this year's Charity Quilt. Kits were passed out at the June meeting and we have all hands on deck. Reminder that pieced kits are due at the July meeting in order to keep on schedule. So excited to see this one come together.

    Check out the MQG site for more information on the 2019 QuiltCon Charity Quilts.

    Jane Cramer's featuring various Walking foot techniques
    TMQG Spotlight: The Walking Foot with Jane Cramer
    A big thank you to Jane Cramer who showed us all the beautiful things that can be done with a walking foot. Walking foot quilting is an excellent option for negative space and solid quilts and Jane shared us lots of tips gained from workshops she's taken. Thanks again Jane!

    Here are some of the resources on the Walking Foot:

    Doris Lovadina-Lee and Her Beautiful Dyed Fabrics
    Programming: Monetizing Your Craft Panel
    Thank you to Doris Lovadina-Lee, Bob Gentili, and Claudia Schumm for sharing with us their experiences turning their craft into a business. Here's a little summary of what they had to share:
    • It's important to have an online presence, somewhere for people to reach you
      • Wordpress themes for your website
      • Woo Commerce for your shops
    • Leverage Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to help spread your content
    • Don't be afraid to take initiative and reach out to people!
    • Know when to hire specialists like:
      • Bookkeepers
      • Accountants
      • Tech support

    Doris Lovadina-Lee sells her beautiful hand-dyed fabrics and quilt pieces online and at the Textile Museum of Canada. Doris first started dying fabrics in an indigo workshop and loves the magical process of folding fabric and dipping them in the dyes. She first got her start selling her scarves to co-workers and has since built an online shop.

    Bob Gentili of Geeky Bobbin recently started a custom long-arming business and sells patterns and sewn goods. Bob started a year and a half ago selling ponchos and scarves on Etsy. In her experience, yes, there is a market for squid and octopus car seat ponchos! 

    Claudia Schumm of Fabric Please recently fulfilled a dream goal when she became the new owner of the online shop. She was also very generous and donated a FQ to each of the meeting attendees. Thanks again, Claudia!

    Low Volume FQ from President's Stash
    President's Challenge: Happiness is Quiet!
    This year's President's Challenge was generously sponsored by the President herself! Using the low volume fabric FQ that was distributed at the June meeting, Steff's President Challenge is to complete a quilted project that makes you happy. Any dimension. Any definition of happiness (there are too too many and we're excited to see what makes YOU happy!). Challenge constraints:
    • Use the whisper FQ from the last guild meeting
    • Any dimension
    • Must be finished & quilted
    • Must make you happy
    • Due at September meeting
    Reach out to Steff at if you missed the last meeting and need a FQ for the challenge. 

    Show & Share
    There were as usual a bundle of beautiful quilts shown at this month's meeting. Sit back and enjoy!

    Valerie Prideaux was up first with Call Me By My Name. She did this as a 12x12 challenge and what a great job! @crayonpatch

    Call Me By My Name by Valerie Prideaux

    Laura Henneberry shared The Circus Tent Quilt for which she recently launched a pattern. Thanks to Berene Campbell who helped name the quilt! There is also a digital coloring application that accompanies this quilt online on PreQuilt that enables quilters to choose, play with, and explore endless color combinations. @commonwealthquilts

    The Circus Tent Quilt by Laura Henneberry

    Morag Johnston created Frog & Butterfly, this beautiful baby quilt for a "miracle baby". The colors are modern and the block was an improv adaptation of a houndstooth. @moragj 

    Frog & Butterfly by Morag Johnston

    Rebecca Burnett bought her game this month with her huge and beautiful Dollars to Doughnuts. She was inspired by traditional double wedding ring quilts, but wanted to put a modern spin on it by squaring the shapes and adding lots of negtative space. @rebeccaburnettquilts

    Dollars to Doughnuts by Rebecca Burnett

    Karen Brown and Elena Langlois shared their joint effort finish of The Economy Block lotto win from a few months ago. It'll be hanging at Quilts at the Creek this weekend and fits their big/small challenge rather well! @justgetitdonequilts @elenalanglois

    The Economy Block (Lotto Win) by Karen Brown and Elena Langlois

    Judy Kowalski shared this lovely quilt, Star of My Heart, she made for her mother's 89th birthday. Beautiful job!

    Star of My Heart by Judy Kowalski

    Deborah Burchell shared her addition to the 70273 Project, which commemorates the disabled who were killed by the Nazis before the Holocaust. She did a beautiful job hand quilting the background. 

    70273 Project by Deborah Burchell

    Robin Cassady-Cain recently joined the TMQG and shared her quilt, Neighbourhood, which she had done with her previous MQG in Edinburgh. The design is by Elizabeth Hartman and quilted by Tatyana Duffie. @gingerscribble

    Neighbourhood by Robin Cassady-Cain

    Next Time at the TMQG
    See you at our next meeting on Saturday, July 28th starting at noon at Quilts at the Creek (Black Creek Pioneer Village, 1000 Murray Ross Parkway). Here’s a little tidbit of what you can look forward to! 
    • Two Trunk Shows (Mary Pal at 12:00 & Ana Paula Brasil at 1:00)
      • Trunk shows are free for members. 
      • Sorry, but regular admission to Black Creek is not covered.
    • Quick guild meeting at 2:00 
    • Scavenger Hunt with prizes!
    • Lots of vendors, a brewery, and more quilts than you can probably process!