June 19, 2018

May 2018 Meeting Recap

Valerie Prideaux's Log Cabin Quilt

Hello everyone! Hope you're enjoying the amazing weather we've gotten. Every morning I start out with my daily dose of Vitamin D. Sans drops! Without further ado, here's the May Meeting recap!

TMQG Happenings
Up for grabs this month was a $40 gift card to Fabric Spark & Country Clothesline. We'd like to thank them for their joint sponsorship and congratulate Sonya Eliott for being the lucky duck who won it! Thank you to everyone for their ongoing support.

A few other announcements on things happening in Toronto & at the TMQG:
  • Toronto Love Project opening on June 25th from 12:00 to 1:30 at North York Center.
  • Our July TMGQ meeting will be at Quilts at the Creek on Saturday, July 28th. **Please note that the meeting will be on Saturday, not Sunday. The show will be running all weekend.
  • Member only Early Bird Registration for October workshops with Andrea Tsang Jackson of 3rd Story Workshop is live! Check your TMQG newsletter for discount codes and shop info. Early bird registration ends July 15th at 11:59pm. Want to become a member? Join here.
  • Thank you to Elisa Versiani Galery and Ghislaine Marie for sharing their yummy snacks!

Here's all the goodies to look forward to in 2018:
  • June 24: Monetizing Your Craft with guest Michelle Galletta of Kiriki Press
  • July 28 (Saturday): Quilts at the Creek with Leni Levenson Weiner Trunk Show
  • August 25: Member only Sew Day!
  • September 30: Fast & Easy Gifts & Guild Elections
  • October 27 & 28: Andrea Tsang Jackson Workshops & Trunk Show
  • December 2 (Date Change): Holiday Party!
Sorry for the inconvenience, but some of the dates and locations have shifted to accommodate guild initiatives and room booking constraints. We apologize and hope you will be able to join us!

Missing Pieces designed by Adrienne Van Halem

2019 QuiltCon Charity Quilt
Thanks to Adrienne Van Halemthe designer of our QuiltCon 2019 Charity Quilt entitled Missing Pieces which has 10 squares representing the lives lost in the Toronto van attack among the many others lost to violence against women. 

Northcott has generously donated Colorworks Premium Solids fabric for the front of our quilt, and Adrienne will be at the June 24th meeting to distribute kits to TMQG members who would like to participate in piecing it. The kits will contain enough fabric for a few rows of the quilt, plus grid interfacing to make the sewing a breeze - and accurate! 

Check out the MQG site for more information on the 2019 QuiltCon Charity Quilts.

Shirley Dawson's box of everyday sewing gadgets

TMQG Spotlight: Tool Time with Shirley Dawson
A big thank you to Shirley Dawson who did an amazing job opening our minds by showing us some clever and innovative ways to use everyday household items for quilting. I might take up home pedicures just so I can buy those toe foam thingies! As a special perk, Shirley donated some of her household notions as door prizes for the guild. Thanks again Shirley!

Download Shirley's list of household notions here

Toronto Love Project
Berene Campbell has spearheaded the Toronto Love Project and we're so excited to see all the beautiful banners up, showing the love. There's still a tiny amount of time left to make a banner for the Toronto Love Project! Banners are due June 21st and instructions can be found here. The opening will be on June 25th from 12:00 to 1:30 at North York Center. Hope to see you there!

Panel: Valerie Prideaux (not pictured) Jeannie Jenkins, Rebecca Burnett & Lynda Hutchison

Programming: Show Skills Panel
Thank you to Valerie Prideaux, Jeannie Jenkins, Rebecca Burnett and Lynda Hutchison who answered all our questions regarding how to prepare, enter, and show a quilt. Collectively, they've had quilts shown at Quilts at the Creek, Quilt Canada, QuiltCon, and other local and juried shows. Here's what we learned from them.

Juried shows typically cost money to enter and can have strict guidelines for acceptance. There are usually monetary prizes for winners, which are judged both on originality and technical proficiency (although they may not be weighted equally).

Local shows are often run by local guilds and are attended by family and friends. Quilts at the Creek is a great local show held in a public venue (so there is a larger audience). Local shows usually have a few guidelines for acceptance (such as minimum size) and are often open to anyone to participate.

There are many benefits to entering your quilt into a show. There's the thrill of sharing your work with a broader audience, you can get critical feedback from judges, or get free entry to the show to view the inspiring work being displayed. 

Here are some tips before you enter your quilt:

  • Ensure your photos are of high quality (the TMQG is planning on hosting a photography session at The Workroom in November)
  • Read the guidelines carefully
  • When shipping, it is less expensive if you under-insure your quilt and call it a “blanket”; expect it to be gone for a few months; consider tracking it with an electronic device sewn into the label like Lynda did (Tile Mate)
  • Don’t hesitate to enter! Give it a shot and hope for the best 

Memories of a Churn Dash Block Lotto

Block Lotto: Memories of a Churn Dash
Thank you to everyone who participated in this month's Block Lotto Challenge! We had 55 blocks submitted (or was it 54?). Point is, we had so many blocks that winner, Adrienne Van Halem had a hard time counting them. Because of the constraints, we saw so much creativity and we were all pretty blown away with all the variations. We look forward to seeing this all in a quilt!

Thank you to Karen Brown for organizing this fun block lotto.

Show & Share
As the guild has grown, we have seen a huge increase in the amount of show and shares. It's great! Every month we all walk away being inspired and blown away by the amazing work our members are creating. Keep it up!

Valerie Prideaux was up first with My Log Cabin. She got tired of making log cabin blocks, so this sat for a long time. It wasn't until she thought of this layout that she was able to finish it up! @crayonpatch

Adrienne Van Halem shared her 100 Days 100 Blocks quilts (pattern by Tula Pink). She wanted to make two separate quilts that went together to lay on a bed as a set, but that had different batting weights. One is bamboo and the other wool. What a fine pair! @agentpeachquilts

Louise Dixon made this Japanese X + quilt after being inspired by the pattern itself.

Christine Navarro made this beautiful Doodle Quilt inspired by Little Pincushion Studio. It's machine appliquéd with transparency colors, which is a new technique for Christine, and is great using any doodle you can imagine. @sewing_navigator

Bob Gentili started this quilt, Goodnight Irene, for last year's "sew a jelly roll day." It was the first quilt she did on her longarm and she cleverly used an embroidery hoop for her "ruler" work. Pattern by Missouri Star Quilt Co. @geekybobbin

Debi DeSantis also brought in her Tula Pink 100 Days 100 Blocks quilt. She got into the challenge after being inspired by Ludgera (who showed her version in April) and Debi thoroughly enjoyed the experience, except for the fact that this kept her from her other sewing! She gifted it to a dear friend who loves green. It's a beautiful gift, Debi!! @debilla

Karen Brown shared her Long Time Gone quilt (designed by Jen Kingwell). She loved figuring out how to make this quilt without using the pattern. Looks spot on to me! @justgetitdonequilts

Sandra Sarner did this amazing quilt from the book "From Machine Quilting with Design" and used the wrong side of the fabric for the grey background. She made this for her dentist as a thank you for his patience during a long procedure. What a thoughtful gift! @sandrasarner

Debbie Burchell created this sweet panel quilt for the Linus Project - Quilts for Sick Kids. Well done!

Gwen Hopkins designed this Flying Geese Baby quilt and if you pay close attention, you can see that one little goose is flying backwards. @gwenhop50

Laura Henneberry had two quilts this month. The first is Untitled that was created with her son. He helped with each step (except for rotary cutting, he's only 7) and it was a fun project for them to work on together. 

The second quilt was a self-designed Circus Tent Quilt. This is for a friend who recently had a baby girl. @commonwealthquilts

Next Time at the TMQG
See you at our next meeting on June 24th from 3:30 to 5:30 pm at Trinity- St.Pauls (427 Bloor St W). Here’s a little tidbit of what you can look forward to! 
  • Monetizing Your Craft Panel discussion with Michelle Galletta of Kiriki Press, Doris Lovadina-Lee and Bob Gentili.
  • Kicking off the President's Challenge -- It'll be a quiet challenge!
  • Jane Cramer's Walking Foot Spotlight
  • Campaign info for the 2019 TMQG Executive Board
  • And a $40 gift card for the paid raffle ticket door prize. $2/ticket or 3/$5.

May 15, 2018

April 2018 Meeting Recap

Sample from Gunnel Hag's Spotlight on Fabric Painting

Welcome back everyone to the blog! As in previous blog posts, I always like to start with awkward small talk on the weather. Well, it’s finally spring/summer. Alright then, we had a wonderful and full meeting in April, so let’s hop to it!

TMQG Happenings
First off, we’d like to thank the Workroom for the partnership/sponsorship of this month’s raffled door prize of a $40 gift card. Lucky ducky, Valerie won and we wish her some happy shopping! We’ll continue to have our monthly $2 raffle tickets for juicy, delicious door prizes. Thank you everyone for your support.

A few other announcements in support of guild members or interesting things happening:
  • Berene Campbell @happysewlucky is spearheading a banner installation for North York. She’ll be at the May 27th meeting, so bring your banner then! www.happysewlucky.wordpress.com for instructions and more information.
  • The annual Quilts at the Creek will be July 28th & 29th. Let’s get a modern alley going again!
  • Coming soon! Andrea Tsang Jackson from 3rd Story Workshop will be here in October! More info to come as the details get nailed down, but we're excited for 2 days of her amazing workshops!
  • Also, thank you to Kim Mastromartino, Helen Matt and Diana Fox-Revett for bringing the delicious snacks. I’m not going to lie, I ate 3 of Diana’s butterscotch treats.

Wondering what you can expect in the upcoming months at the guild? Here’s the line-up!
  • May: Showing Your Quilts
  • June: Monetizing Your Craft
  • July: Quilts at the Creek
  • September: TBD
  • October: Andrea Tsang-Jackson of @3rdstoryworkshop

Karen Brown showing Memories of a Churn Dash blocks
Block Lotto Challenge
This month’s Block Lotto Challenge is called Memories of a Churn Dash and is also our shout out to the 2018 Colors of the Year. Thank you to Karen Brown for writing the instructions and creating another great video! Rules for the challenge are:
  • 9.5” unfinished / 9” finished block
  • Use only Kona Bright Periwinkle, Tiger Lily and White (in any way)
  • Must be distilled from the Churn Dash block
  • Due at the May 27th meeting

Fabric kits are available for purchase for $8 (includes shipping) and include a FQ of Kona White, a fat eighth of Kona Bright Periwinkle and a fat eighth of Kona Tiger Lily. Email us at torontomodernquiltguild@gmail.com to order your kit.

Don’t forget to use your hashtags! #tmqgblocklotto #memoriesofachurndash

Gunnel Hag's Painted Fabric
TMQG Spotlight: Fabric Painting with Gunnel Hag
Thank you to Gunnel Hag for her delightful spotlight on fabric painting. She showcased many of her samples of screen printed and fabric painted works, which she used non-toxic pigments on. My personal favorite was her witty presentation on how to use everyday found objects to create various patterns on fabric. I’ll never look at a potato masher the same way again. For more information on fabric painting visit here.

Also, thank you to Gwen Hopkins for organizing the 2018 TMQG Spotlight series!

One of Johanna Masko's Scrappy Quilts
Programming: Johanna Masko on All About Scraps
Thank you to Johanna Masko for coming and making us rethink the scrap bins we have in the corners of our studios. Johanna is an award winning quilter and teacher who has an epic scrap stash that spans decades.

In her presentation she described her various techniques on how to not only use scraps, but also minimize wasting fabric (aka not creating as many scraps). Here are quick highlight of some of her tips:
  • Suggests using Patchpieces’ No Waste Flying Geese
  • Analyze piecing and cutting instructions to reduce scraps
  • Store scraps by color
  • Scrap busting quilt ideas include:
    • strip quilts
    • simple repeating shapes
    • double wedding rings
    • log cabin
    • Herringbone patchwork
    • Improvisations
    • foundation paper piecing
    • English paper piecing
    • sampler quilts
    • quiltalongs

Show & Share
This month was pretty epic in the number of quilts that were ready to present at Show & Share. Steff Rose kicked it all off with her self-designed Ugh… quilt. Steff loves to free motion quilt and this quilt provided lots of negative space. @steffwess

Bob Gentili showed us her Yuma quilt that was made using a Gotham Quilts pattern. Her stunning version used some beautiful Alison Glass and a backing she loved too much to give away. @geekybobbin

Bob also had her contribution to the Red Feather Project using a free pattern from Anna Maria Horner. Calgary quilter @cozy.chloe.designs started the #redfeatherquilt to raise awareness of the national tragedy of the missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. She is currently working on a quilt to benefit an organization in Ontario, let her know if you’d like to contribute. @geekybobbin

Helen Mah brought A Star is Born which was adapted from Fig Tree Quilts’ Jelly Girl. This is a baby quilt to celebrate the birth of a baby boy. She was also inspired by Shirley Dawson’s Make it Big, Make it Small quilt (for this year’s Quilts at the Creek) and made the quilt reversible. Very nice touch!

Berene Campbell brought her finished Tattoo Quilt #tattooquilt! We’ve seen this quilt come together tattoo block by tattoo block and it was simply stunning in person! It was beautifully quilted by Stacey Murton @hushrules. This quilt is Berene’s response to the events that were occurring around the world throughout 2017 with each block symbolizing an emotion. @happysewlucky

Elena Langlois brought her Kitty Squares 1 & 2 that were made using the squares won in a game we played at the TMQG a couple of years ago. She’s donating them to Cummer Lodge, which is a city run facility specializing in the care of people with dementia. Lovely work, Elena! @elenalanglois

Gwen Hopkins blew us away with her 3 quilts! She presented A Maze for Sarah, a Scrappy Wedding Quilt and A Whale of a Quilt!

Gwen’s A Maze for Sarah

Gwen’s Scrappy Wedding Quilt

Gwen’s A Whale of a Baby Quilt

S. brought in her awesome version of the Foothills Quilt by Mary Elizabeth Kinch. She stumbled upon this quiltalong on Instagram and used mostly only scraps and fabrics she bought at the 2018 TMQG Crafty Sale. She scored an awesome assortment!

Rebecca Burnett also had a self-designed quilty hat trick (that’s all the hockey I know folks). First up was Aces & Kisses for her daughter’s volleyball coach.

Stir Crazy is an old top she found in her studio and decided to finish up!

Checks & Balances is another old top she finished up this year. @rebeccaburnettquilts

Valerie Prideaux brought in her self-designed Biased on Blue that used up some fabric she received for a Quilts at the Creek challenge quilt.

Joan Kilpatrick brought in her self-designed Curved Space quilt that was inspired by an improv workshop she took in Haliburton with Al Cote. @joanflettkilpatrick

Next Time at the TMQG
Mark you calendars for our next meeting on May 27th from 3:30 to 5:30 at Trinity-St. Paul’s (427 Bloor St W). Here’s what you can look forward to!
  • Social at Future's Bistro at 2pm (483 Bloor St W)
  • Tips from guild members on showing your work in quilt shows, including QuiltCon!
  • Wrapping up the Memories of a Churn Dash block lotto
  • Spotlight: Tool Time with Shirley Dawson
  • $40 gift card for the paid raffle door prize. $2/ticket or 3/$5.
See you all there!

April 10, 2018

March 2018 Meeting Recap

Ludgera's 100 Blocks Tula Pink Quilt

As I recall, the first words I typed last month -- and I'm quoting myself directly here -- was "Brrrrrr…. It’s still cold out there!" Why, oh why, could I not have something new to say as an introduction to this blog post?!? But alas, it is what it is, and we still have snow in April. So, on to the reason you're here... the March 2018 Meeting Recap!

Coffee Social
Do quilters tailgate a guild meeting? Could you even imagine? I'm sure it'd involve everyone pounding FQs and charm packs... Hee hee... Well, we got in the mindset for some quilting fun with a social at Future's Bistro before the March meeting. It was a nice chance to catch up with everyone and chat. There will not be a social in April, but more details to follow for other social events coming up over the next few months.

TMQG Happenings
We want to thank The Make Den on their generous donation of the Tula Pink Hardware. Doris was the lucky duck who won the paid door prize and we know she'll be enjoying her new studio bling! 

A few other announcements in support of guild members or interesting things happening:
  • Johanna Masko will be presenting at the April 29th meeting on Scraps and Scrap Quilting. Free for members and $10 for guests.
  • The annual Quilts at the Creek will be July 28th & 29th.
  • Coming soon! Andrea Tsang Jackson from 3rd Story Workshop will be here in October! More info to come as the details get nailed down, but we're excited for 2 days of her amazing workshops!
  • UFOs have been spotted! Happy sightings! Don't forget to hashtag #tmqgufo2018 and bring them to the guild meeting to be recorded!
  • Thank you to Debbie Burchell, Elena Langlois and Helen Mah for bringing the yummy munchies to the guild meeting! Let's keep it rolling.

QuiltCon: 2018 & 2019! 
Pasadena, Nashville, and Austin! Oh my! Lynda Hutchison (fresh from her Pasadena delight) shared her adventure at the 2018 QuiltCon, while Adrienne Van Halem shared some tips on how to start planning for the 2019 QuiltCon in Nashville. If you're feeling super ambitious, 2020 will be in Austin!

There were roughly 300 quilts on display at the 2018 QuiltCon in Pasadena. Lynda Hutchison participated in a mini-quilt swap and took 3 workshops: Intro to Free Motion Quilting (Christina Cameli); Layered abstraction embroidery embellishments (Nichole Vogelsinger), and Whole Cloth Hand quilting (Heidi Parkes). You can see a bit of her beautiful handwork below.

Lynda Hutchison's classwork with Heidi Parkes at QuiltCon

Lynda also brought back our 2018 QuiltCon charity quilt. She did a beautiful job of designing and organizing this quilt-as-you-go project, which was pieced and quilted by a variety of guild members. Well done team! It's currently in need of a charity home, so please let us know if you know of a charity you'd like to support.

Detail of 2018 TMQG Charity Quilt

Adrienne Van Halem, who was a super planner for last year's 2017 QuiltCon, gave a few tips on planning for Nashville. In short, set a budget, find your travel buddies, and remember that as a guild member you can register before the public for workshops. Karen Brown has also put together a video on the top 3 things you need to know about planning for QuiltCon!

Economy Block Lotto Challenge
There were over 40 blocks entered in our first 2018 Block Lotto and Elena Langlois won them all! For more information on the Economy Block and how to whip one up, check out Karen Brown's video tutorial!

Our next Block Lotto will be kicked-offed at the April 29th meeting. More info to come, but start thinking in Tiger Lily and Ultra Violet!

Economy Block Lotto Entries

Programming: The MQG Mothership
President Steff Rose reviewed the resources available to all guild members on the MQG website. Don't forget to take advantage of the blocks of the month, free quilt patterns, and webinars that are included with your annual membership. You can sign in at their website.

TMQG Spotlight: Social Media
Thank you to Morag Johnston for taking us on a tour of Facebook and Instagram and the ways that guild members can take part in our digital community. Don't forget to share your work on Instagram and Facebook with the following hastags: #tmqgufo2018 and #tmqgblocklotto. Check out Morag's presentation here.

Show & Share
First up was Rebecca Burnett with 2 quilts. The first was for the 70273 Project Middling, which is a project to commemorate the 70,273 mentally and physically handicapped people murdered by the Nazis before the Holocaust. Each pair of Xs represents one life lost. The organizer is aiming for 70,273 pairs of Xs. For more info check out thebarefootheart.com.

Rebecca Burnett's 70273 Project Middling mini-quilt
Rebecca's second quilt, A Month of Mondays, is self designed and inspired by the work of Saskia Freeke. @rebeccaburnettquilts

Rebecca Burnett's A Month of Mondays

Sandra Sarner warm-heartedly made this quilt for a 17-year-old young man, who is a grandnephew of her cousin. She calls it Jadon's Quilt. She hopes it keeps him warm in his new home.

Sandra Sarner's Jadon's Quilt

Ludgera Worms showed off this beauty, the output of a 100 day online Tula Pink quilt-a-long challenge. 100 days, 100 blocks. All I can say is whoa.... @lugi5000

Ludgera Worms 100 Blocks Tula Pink Quilt

Diana Fox-Revett does it again with her beautiful, tiny, organic appliquéd circles. She plans on creating several more of a similar size to make a series. We're excited to see them, Diana! @pinkinked

Diana Fox-Revett's Circles & Squares

Bob Gentili is busy building up a machine quilting portfolio. This quilt is for a good friend's 40th birthday next month. What a treat, we feel confident she'll love it! The pattern is by Libs Elliott and quilted by Bob. @geekybobbin

Bob Gentili's version of Libs Elliott's Just Like Heaven quilt

Next Time at the TMQG
Mark your calendars for our next meeting on April 29th from 3:30 to 5:30 pm at Trinity- St.Pauls (427 Bloor St W). Here’s a little tidbit of what you can look forward to!
  • Johanna Masko in the house! She'll be discussing Scraps and Scrap Quilting. $10 guest fee, free for members.
  • Kicking off a new Block Lotto Challenge
  • Gunnel Hag's spotlight on fabric painting
  • And a $40 gift card for the paid raffle ticket door prize. $2/ticket or 3/$5.
It's been great and as Porky the Pig would say, "Th-a, th-a, th-a, that's all folks!" See you soon!