February 8, 2019

December 2018 Meeting

Yes, we had our holiday meeting on Sunday, December 2, 2018 – let’s remember the relatively nice weather we were enjoying that day compared to WINTER, which we are now officially in the middle of! Brrrr!!

December Announcements

  • The Winter Survey launch was announced and that survey was sent to 2018 Members on January 19.
  • 2019 Membership renewals are due by January 31, 2019. Dues can be paid online via the website or, last chance, at the March 3 meeting.
  • The January 13 downtown retreat day was described by Adrienne (hint, hint: it was a great success and the January blog will include inspiring pictures of the work, fun and networking).
  • Sign-ups for the 2019 UFO list were accepted at the January 27 meeting and may also be accepted at the March 2 meeting ($2 donation: $1 guild fundraising + $1 prize pool).

Quilter’s Version of ‘Would you Rather’
Karen Brown had everyone laughing and exercising by leading the group in a great game of “Would You Rather?” – which was actually, for this meeting, a “Have You Ever?”. Prizes were given out for the last person standing in each round, and we could have played all day, judging by the response! A potential final round question for the next version: “Did you win a prize at the December 2 contest? Sit down”.

Social Break and FREE textiles
Free upholstery samples were donated to TMQG by a local Printing House from a local designer that recently closed. Thanks to our 2018 President Steff (Stephanie Wesseley Rose) for storing the many boxes of textile goodies and bringing them to the meeting – the leftovers will be donated to the Textile Museum.
And… lots of edible and tasty samples were brought to the party by everyone! THANKS for kicking off the festive eating season!

2018 Holiday Pincushion Swap
This project resulted in a whopping 46 homemade pincushions! Have we set a bar for this successful event to be repeated at the 2019 holiday meeting? Let the Executive know if another pincushion swap would be appreciated or if you have any other clever ideas for the 2019 Holiday event. Maybe people could post their loot “in action” on the Intagram site? #tmqgpincushionswap
Many thanks to our 2018 Secretary Christine Navarro for managing this project.

Show and Share!
TMQG Charity Quilt entry for QuiltCon 2019

TMQG Charity Quilt entry for QuiltCon 2019 was proudly displayed. Thanks to Lynda Hutchinson for organizing the team and to Adrienne Van Halem for the design. Great to see one side* of the  finished product!
Kudos and thanks to all the other team members who worked on this spectacular quilt: Xandra Shen, Joan Kilpatrick, Isabella Garrigan, Theresa Ghislaine Aqui, Rebecca Burnett, Karen Brown, Shannon Nichols, Brandie Wolff, Catherine Clarke, Robin Cassady-Cain, Bobbie Gentili.
*Lynda will be taking pictures of both sides of the quilt hanging at QuiltCon!

Deborah Burchell presented a quilt with floral blocks that were hand-appliqued by her grandmother, which she pieced into a quilt-top and hand-quilted. How many of us have pieces of needlework that are multi-generational? Congratulations to Deborah for completing this family heirloom!

Julie Jai showed a mini-quilt which she started in a curved-piecing class with Jeannie Jenkins. Great colours Julie!

Peter Byrne brought out a lot of “oohs” and “ahhs” showing a quilting sampler using his new sewing machine!

Gwen Hopkins showed cushion covers for her Reddit Secret Santa.
Gwen also brought a fidget quilt for dementia patients made from fabric from a bedding store that was closing. You can Google ‘fidgit quilts’ for more information, or ask Gwen for more info.

Kaye Phillips showed 2 seasonal projects: a Heart/Reindeer Christmas Quilt and a clever Christmas tree semi-circle napkin as a quick gift item!

Rebecca Burnett showed her ‘Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed quilt: a pattern is in the works from @commonwealthquilts.

Karen Brown dazzled us with a brilliantly coloured Circus Tent quilt. Another pattern from @commonwealth quilts!

IMPORTANT CALENDAR NOTE: due to the 2019 Nashville Quiltcon, there will NOT be a February meeting. Instead the Guild will meet on Sunday, March 3 and Sunday, March 31 at Trinity-St Paul’s United Church, 427 Bloor Street West.

Looking forward to a GREAT 2019!
Your TMQG.