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Scrappy Blue Cross Block
October 2019

You'll find the block instructions here.

Can't wait to see what everyone makes!

Due at the October 27 meeting.

Six-minute circles were popularized by Dale Fleming.  It’s an inset circle method using freezer paper and it's awesome, easy and looks great. 

For this block lotto, we will be making circles in light blues, teals, aquas, and greys on a low volume background. Think gentle, soothing colours. 

In case you need a bit of an explanation of low volume, this is a good start. 

For an explanation of how to do the six minute circle, see this page. If you are more of a video person, there are tons of videos on YouTube. 

Okay, for the specifics....
6½" x 6½"(unfinished) low volume background fabric
4" diameter blue, grey, teal circle. (conveniently the size of a 796 mL can of tomatoes or soup)

Freezer paper will be given out at the meeting or you can buy at many grocery stores near the Saran wrap and tin foil. They have it at the Metro near me. 

These will be collected at the June meeting. Now go rock some circles! 

When the 2019 Colours of the Year were announced by Pantone and Kona I squealed with excitement. Two of my favourites!

I will be taking over the block lotto challenges for the year so we're going to start with my favourite colours and my favourite fabric... solids! Don't worry, there will be prints in the coming months.

The inspiration for this block lotto came from this pretty pillow cover by Angela Bowman.

So without further ado I will introduce you to our palette and then get right into a tutorial for the TMQGCOTYSPHST (Toronto Modern Quilt Guild Colour of the Year String-Pieced Half Square Triangle) Block. Catchy name, right?

These are the names of the Kona solid fabrics, but you don't have to use Kona. Just try to stick with the palette in general  (with one exception-white, the background colour must be Kona "White"). If you weren't at the last meeting, I sold kits consisting of a fat eighth of nectarine and splash and a fat quarter of Kona white. I've got some extras of the coloured fat eighths if anyone's interested.

Disclaimer: I'm a crappy photographer so all my photos look like the colours are off. In real life, they aren't. Just look at the palette above for colour, not my pics!

We will be making the HST blocks two-at-a-time, so for each pair of blocks you bring to our meeting on March 31 you will get one ticket to enter the draw for all of the blocks we receive.

Rules (ugh):
  • The only white allowed is "Kona White"
  • The middle strip on all blocks is a coloured strip
  • All strips should be parallel on their long edges (we're not going for wonky)
  • Each completed HST block needs to have at least three stripes but no more than five. 
  • At least one strip on each HST should be white (one on each side of your original piece before cutting).

1.Cut one square of kona white at 7½" X 7½". Draw a diagonal line from one corner to the opposite corner. Set aside.

2. Download and print the template. Make sure you print at 100%. Cut out the large square.

3. Pin a coloured centre strip to the template. Make sure your long edges are parallel and they must reach at least to the dotted lines. The lighter lines are just to help you keep everything aligned as you work. 

4. Place another strip on top of your centre strip (it doesn't have to be white). Shorten your stitch length and sew through the fabric and paper from end to end.

5. Press your strip back.

6. Add another strip (making sure it will cover the paper when it is unfolded). Press.

7. Keep adding strips until you reach the end of your template. Remember that you should have at least three strips, but not more than five and at least one should be white.

8. Repeat on the other side.

 9. Flip over the template and trim fabric to the edges of the paper.

10. Remove the paper.

11. With your stripes right-side-up, pin the white square that you cut earlier on top. The line you drew on the white fabric will be in the same direction as the stripes (you can kind of see in the pic below). Sew ¼" away from the line on either side. 

12. Cut that piece along the line you drew and open them up. Yay! Two half square triangles!

13. Press all seams to the dark side. Yes, this means you'll have to go back and change the direction of some of the seams.

14. Trim those babies to 6½" X 6½" making sure the diagonal line hits the corners.

15. Go make more! 

Bring your blocks to our meeting on March 31, 2019! I can't wait to see them.

The 2018 UFO Challenge is blasting off at the February and March guild meetings! Not to be mistaken for an alien panda invasion (although, yes please!), the quilty version of a UFO is any unfinished object, be it a partially sewn quilt or a collection of blocks we all seem to accumulate but never put together.

Challenge Deadline: January 27th meeting

>> Get started on this challenge

2018 President's Challenge
Using the whisper fabric FQ that was distributed at the June meeting, Steff's President Challenge is to complete a quilted project that makes you happy. Any dimension. Any definition of happiness (there are too too many and we're excited to see what makes YOU happy!).

Challenge constraints:
  • Use the whisper FQ from the last guild meeting
  • Any dimension
  • Must be finished & quilted
  • Must make you happy
  • Due at September meeting
Reach out to Steff at if you were not at the meeting and need a whisper FQ.

Our second 2018 Block Lotto is a 9.5" (9" finished) Memories of a Churn Dash block. Rules of the lotto: Use Kona Bright Periwinkle, Kona Tiger Lily and Kona White in any way to create a 9.5" unfinished Churn Dash block. Karen Brown, has again put together a stellar video tutorial and instructions. Bring your completed blocks to the May 27th meeting to enter into the lottery!

The 2017 UFO Challenge was a great success, with a plentitude of quilts being finished! And while the real win was FINALLY getting those UFOs completed, Christine Navarro, Karen Brown, Dia Sue-Wah-Sing, Steff Rose, and Emily Becket Smith got a sweet top off of some nice prizes!

Participants were paired up at the June 2017 meeting and each team randomly drew two crayons. Using these two colours, the pair will work together to create a quilt (approx. 30” to 60” per side). Quilts are due at the October 29 meeting.


If you're new to paper piecing, this is the block to get you soaring! 
>> Learn more here


Inspired by the Women’s March on January 21, 2017 and the Pussy Hat Project, this block lotto (designed by Berene) is composed of pink triangles marching in the name of women’s rights and in support of peace and love. As women (and men) marched together (millions worldwide and over 60,000 in Toronto alone!), this block lotto project and subsequent quilt will represent the many hands coming together to symbolize our unity.

>> Learn more about this block lotto

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