Projects & Challenges

Six-minute circles were popularized by Dale Fleming.  It’s an inset circle method using freezer paper and it's awesome, easy and looks great. 

For this block lotto, we will be making circles in light blues, teals, aquas, and greys on a low volume background. Think gentle, soothing colours. 

In case you need a bit of an explanation of low volume, this is a good start. 

For an explanation of how to do the six minute circle, see this page. If you are more of a video person, there are tons of videos on YouTube. 

Okay, for the specifics....
6½" x 6½"(unfinished) low volume background fabric
4" diameter blue, grey, teal circle. (conveniently the size of a 796 mL can of tomatoes or soup)

Freezer paper will be given out at the meeting or you can buy at many grocery stores near the Saran wrap and tin foil. They have it at the Metro near me. 

These will be collected at the June meeting. Now go rock some circles! 

See Previous Projects & Challenges for past meeting challenges.


  1. When I try to go to the page with instructions for the drawstring bag, I get an error message saying "page not found" but I was able to access it a few weeks ago. It has been unavailable now for at least the last few days. Has it been taken down?

  2. Thank you for pointing that out. We did a little back end organization that broke the link. It's now fixed.

  3. Hi,
    Is this project still ongoing with TMQG? I am in between projects at the moment and would love to contribute to this worthy cause, if it is still ongoing through the Guild.

    1. Yes we will be the Days for Girls Project back up soon. We will be asking for support in the meetings to make the next stage of the kits, the liners.