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We began this month's meeting by finalising our entries into the Quilts at the Creek event that the York Heritage Quilters Guild is hosting this coming July.  It looks like members of our guild will be contributing five quilts this year. Then it was on to show and tell!  Nicole started us off with an A.MAZ.ING appliqued quilt she made.  Unfortunately, I forgot to get my camera ready in time, and this was the only shot I got where the lighting was ok.  (I'm still getting used to my DSLR...sheesh.) Nicole also gave us the bittersweet news that she landed a great research position in Boston, so she will be leaving us. :(  But we wish her all the best, and know that she's going to kick butt down there!  We hope she'll come back to visit. Andrea was up next, and she shared one of her most recent pieces of art with us.  She used stretchy workout-gear fabrics to construct a three-dimensional surface which she then stretched over a frame and stuffed.  I'm rea