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Monthly Meeting - May 2013

Hey all! It's time again for our monthly meeting! This time around we will be discussing the upcoming changes to guild membership including going over the spiffy new by-laws, election and voting procedures, dues payments, and what these changes will mean for the TMQG. If you would like to have your opinion heard and have a chance to discuss any changes that may need to be made, please attend this meeting. We value your opinion and I am also considering setting up a short (anonymous) online survey after the meeting with a few follow-up questions as things progress. Valerie will also be attending this meeting to go over this year's Quilts at the Creek show - I hope that everyone will be excited to participate! As always, please bring along your completed projects and/or problems to share with the group. See you all on Sunday!

To Boston With Love

Some of you may have heard (via blog, instagram, etc) about an awesome project spearheaded by Berene and the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild called To Boston With Love. All Modern Quilt Guilds have been invited to participate. The guilds, and individuals, have been asked to sew flags which will be displayed over the Memorial Day weekend at a prestigious Boston location. You can read a bit more about here at the VMQG blog . The basic tutorial is included in that post (please follow the directions as much as possible so that the flags are uniform) and you can find another post with links to tutorials for the centre designs here . I am the coordinator for our guild and will be mailing the flags to Massachusetts - I do not have a date that I need them by yet (waiting to hear about some couriering stuff) but they do need to be in Boston by May 21st in order to be displayed. That means they need to be done soon!! Please contact me (Kaye) through my personal email or through the guil