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May 25th Meeting Tutorial - Curves with Doris

Hi! My Name is Doris Lovadina-Lee and I will be hosting the May meeting. I’ve been a member of the Toronto Modern Quilt Guild from its first year and always enjoy the discussions, ideas and beautiful quilts we share at our meetings. If there are any of you out there (members or not) that haven’t been recently, I encourage you to attend for a fun filled afternoon.                                                 Full Circles Program Drunkard’s Path, Orange Peel, Double Wedding Ring, Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, Grandmother’s Fan these are just a few of the quilt blocks that are constructed using curved seams.  Circles and curves - these words seem to draw fear into the heart of a quilter. Fear no longer! Wonky Circles Come to our meeting on Sunday May 25 th  and I’ll demonstrate how to easily sew accurate curved blocks.  Quarter circles, complete circles and wonky circles all of these are constructed the same way. Bring in some fabric scraps, thread and you can try stit

April Meeting

What a great meeting we had at the end of April. Lots of new faces to go along with the old familiar ones. After dealing with the random bits of business and going around the table and doing introductions, we went on to Show and Tell of both finished items and works in progress. First up was Emily Beckett-Sward, who showed us a beautiful baby quilt that she had just finished. If I remember the story correctly, she made this sweet simple little square pattern, was happy with it, and then decided that she wanted to try doing something a little more challenging.  Yeah, I'm going to say that that got a little more challenging, pretty fast.  Seriously though, gorgeous eh? I'm not sure if it was Emily herself who said it, or one of the other guild members (Debbie maybe?) but it was suggested that this should be called a "Mullet Quilt" as in "business in the front, party in the back". A pretty good description no matter who said it. Now all she has to d