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October 2018 Meeting Recap

Great Lakes Workshop Participants with 3rd Story Workshop Hello again! Wow, what a wonderful month we had at the TMQG. So, let's just dive in! Andrea Tsang Jackson of 3rd Story Workshop Trunk Show We were so fortunate to have the extremely talented Andrea Tsang Jackson in town for a pair of workshops and trunk show. To see more of her work and buy her excellent patterns, check out her website here . Crow Quills by Andrea Tsang Jackson Ruby Gemstone Wall Hanging by Andrea Tsang Jackson Our Song Quilt  by Andrea Tsang Jackson Here's what we learned: Andrea is originally from Ottawa, studied architecture at McGill, followed by a Masters in Education.  She has lived in Halifax for 6 years with her husband and two children and is an active member of the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild. She has always been interested in the intersection between design, craft, and education. She wants to be somebody who takes technology and makes it meaningful, usab

September 2018 Meeting Recap

Quilt on!!! We had a long break over the summer and September was our first regular meeting back since June. But no worries, with fall coming, all us quilters are bunkering down and our quilt game is back on. If anyone isn't quite picking up what I'm putting down, think Wayne'sWorld . Fast & Easy Gift Ideas With the holidays right around the corner, we had 4 amazing guild members demonstrating some Fast & Easy Gift Ideas . Thank you friends, you make the guild great and we're lucky to have you share all your quilty and crafty know-how with us.  Disclaimer : Yep, stop being in denial, the holidays are sneaking up and if you want to make handmade gifts, ya better get started now. But no panic, here are some great ideas! We'd like to also thank Claudia of Fabric Please ! for hosting a little pop-up shop! Thread Catchers by Rebecca Burnett Rebecca Burnett demonstrated how to turn a Pringles can, some cute fabric, and some simple stitches into a

July 2018 Meeting Recap: Quilts at the Creek

Fireworks by Jeannie Jenkins TMQG at Quilts at the Creek This July's meeting was at Quilts at the Creek and we had a blast! This year there were over 300 quilts on display at Black Creek Pioneer Village and the weather was great. Big shout out to the Quilts at the Creek organizers, Jane Cramer, Shirley Dawson, and Valerie Prideaux , for making it all possible. As TMQG members, we had the pleasure of attending trunk shows of two members of Studio Art Quilt Associates . Programming: Trunk Shows First up was Mary Pal , whose roller coaster fibre arts journey shows just what happens when you say “yes!” to crazy opportunities.  Mary described the technique she developed over her 40 years of quilting for creating stunning portraits on fabric using cheese cloth and paint sticks. Her award-winning work often expresses themes related to ecology or inequality. Mary Pal with her quilt Unspoken Ana Paula Brasil , aka Hurricane Ana, is another prolific art quilter. Aimin

June 2018 Meeting Recap

Close-up of Jane Cramer's Waking Foot Quilting Hello everyone! Sorry for the long overdue June Meeting recap! So, let's hit it! TMQG Happenings Up for grabs this month was a  $40 gift card  to  The Workroom . We'd like to thank Karyn for her joint sponsorship and congratulate Karen Brown for being the lucky winner! Thank you to everyone for their ongoing support. A few other announcements on things happening in Toronto & at the TMQG: Our July TMGQ meeting will be at  Quilts at the Creek  on Saturday, July 28th . **Please note that the meeting will be on  Saturday , not Sunday. The show will be running all weekend. Sew Day Retreat is on August 25th. Join us for mimosas, a catered lunch, and lots of time with your quilty friends!  Register  here . Registration for October workshops with  Andrea Tsang Jackson  of  3rd Story Workshop  is live! Register  here . TMQG Executive Board elections are coming up in September! Join the team and help shape another excelle