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March 2018 Meeting Recap

Ludgera's 100 Blocks Tula Pink  Quilt As I recall, the first words I typed last month -- and I'm quoting myself directly here -- was " Brrrrrr…. It’s still cold out there!" Why, oh why, could I not have something new to say as an introduction to this blog post?!? But alas, it is what it is, and we still have snow in April. So, on to the reason you're here... the March 2018 Meeting Recap! Coffee Social Do quilters tailgate a guild meeting? Could you even imagine? I'm sure it'd involve everyone pounding FQs and charm packs... Hee hee... Well, we got in the mindset for some quilting fun with a social at Future's Bistro before the March meeting. It was a nice chance to catch up with everyone and chat. There will not be a social in April, but more details to follow for other social events coming up over the next few months. TMQG Happenings We want to thank The Make Den on their generous donation of the Tula Pink Hardware. Doris was the lucky