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April 2018 Meeting Recap

Sample from Gunnel Hag's Spotlight on Fabric Painting Welcome back everyone to the blog! As in previous blog posts, I always like to start with awkward small talk on the weather. Well, it’s finally spring/summer. Alright then, we had a wonderful and full meeting in April, so let’s hop to it! TMQG Happenings First off, we’d like to thank the Workroom for the partnership/sponsorship of this month’s raffled door prize of a $40 gift card. Lucky ducky, Valerie won and we wish her some happy shopping! We’ll continue to have our monthly $2 raffle tickets for juicy, delicious door prizes. Thank you everyone for your support. A few other announcements in support of guild members or interesting things happening: Berene Campbell  @happysewlucky is spearheading a banner installation for North York. She’ll be at the May 27th meeting, so bring your banner then! for instructions and more information. The annual Quilts at the Creek will be Jul