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July 2018 Meeting Recap: Quilts at the Creek

Fireworks by Jeannie Jenkins TMQG at Quilts at the Creek This July's meeting was at Quilts at the Creek and we had a blast! This year there were over 300 quilts on display at Black Creek Pioneer Village and the weather was great. Big shout out to the Quilts at the Creek organizers, Jane Cramer, Shirley Dawson, and Valerie Prideaux , for making it all possible. As TMQG members, we had the pleasure of attending trunk shows of two members of Studio Art Quilt Associates . Programming: Trunk Shows First up was Mary Pal , whose roller coaster fibre arts journey shows just what happens when you say “yes!” to crazy opportunities.  Mary described the technique she developed over her 40 years of quilting for creating stunning portraits on fabric using cheese cloth and paint sticks. Her award-winning work often expresses themes related to ecology or inequality. Mary Pal with her quilt Unspoken Ana Paula Brasil , aka Hurricane Ana, is another prolific art quilter. Aimin