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September 2018 Meeting Recap

Quilt on!!! We had a long break over the summer and September was our first regular meeting back since June. But no worries, with fall coming, all us quilters are bunkering down and our quilt game is back on. If anyone isn't quite picking up what I'm putting down, think Wayne'sWorld . Fast & Easy Gift Ideas With the holidays right around the corner, we had 4 amazing guild members demonstrating some Fast & Easy Gift Ideas . Thank you friends, you make the guild great and we're lucky to have you share all your quilty and crafty know-how with us.  Disclaimer : Yep, stop being in denial, the holidays are sneaking up and if you want to make handmade gifts, ya better get started now. But no panic, here are some great ideas! We'd like to also thank Claudia of Fabric Please ! for hosting a little pop-up shop! Thread Catchers by Rebecca Burnett Rebecca Burnett demonstrated how to turn a Pringles can, some cute fabric, and some simple stitches into a