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December 2018 Meeting

Yes, we had our holiday meeting on Sunday, December 2, 2018 – let’s remember the relatively nice weather we were enjoying that day compared to WINTER, which we are now officially in the middle of! Brrrr!! December Announcements The Winter Survey launch was announced and that survey was sent to 2018 Members on January 19. 2019 Membership renewals are due by January 31, 2019. Dues can be paid online via the website or, last chance, at the March 3 meeting. The January 13 downtown retreat day was described by Adrienne (hint, hint: it was a great success and the January blog will include inspiring pictures of the work, fun and networking). Sign-ups for the 2019 UFO list were accepted at the January 27 meeting and may also be accepted at the March 2 meeting ($2 donation: $1 guild fundraising + $1 prize pool). Quilter’s Version of ‘Would you Rather’ Karen Brown had everyone laughing and exercising by leading the group in a great game of “Would You Rather?” – which was actual