How do I become a member of the guild?

The Toronto MQG’s annual dues are $40 per calendar year (January to December) and include membership to the international Modern Quilt Guild. Guests are welcome for $10 a meeting. Fees paid will be put towards their membership if they decide to join. Guests who attend more than two meetings in a calendar year will be asked to join the Guild.

What if I'm new to quilting or a beginner? Can I still be part of the guild?

Absolutely! The Toronto MQG is not meant to divide or segregate. We welcome new and experienced quilters of all ages and abilities to the world of quilting in a style that they can relate to. We are all constantly learning and the guild's purpose is meant to encourage our individual development and progress as quilters and artists.

What does the guild do?

Like a traditional quilt guild, the Toronto MQG has inspiring and motivating programming,  demos and a Show & Share that showcases members' work. We also have challenges, block lottos, swaps, and every now and then, we get together and sew at sew-downs and retreats. The purpose of the Toronto MQG is to learn, share, and develop together. We believe all contributions bring value to our guild.

Does the guild have bylaws?

Our by-laws are an ever-evolving document; the current version can be found here. These by-laws were ratified September 25, 2016 effective October 1, 2016.

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  1. Do any of your members make memoey quikts from sports shirts? I want to get one made for my son in Toronto. Please reply to my email.


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