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Toronto MQG Quilted Name Tag Gift Swap
-        For each one you make, you will receive one (feel free to make extra if you want to receive more than one)
-        Leave a space for their name (1x3” minimum) out of white or near-white fabric). We will be providing fabric pens at the November meeting to write your name on the nametag you receive or embroider later if you choose.
-        Should include batting and have a finished edge
-        Max total size = 3x5”
-        To allow people to choose their wearing method (pin, magnet, lanyard etc) please affix a small fabric sleeve (with finished edges) at the back of the name tag, centred and near the top.
o   Using a 2.5x2.5” square of fabric, fold in half, front sides together
o   Sew a ¼” seam along the long edge
o   Press the seam open, and turn outside in
o   Press flat with seam in the middle, then press in half, folding raw edged together.
o   Pin or clip to the top edge, with raw edges in line with the edge of the nametag. Put your binding on as usual.
o   Hand sew the loose edge of the loop down to the back of the nametag, leaving some space for the wearing method to fit inside.

Quilted name tag (instructions for turned edge and bound finishes):

* Special thanks to the Rocket City MQG for their resources and inspiration images

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  1. When I try to go to the page with instructions for the drawstring bag, I get an error message saying "page not found" but I was able to access it a few weeks ago. It has been unavailable now for at least the last few days. Has it been taken down?

  2. Thank you for pointing that out. We did a little back end organization that broke the link. It's now fixed.

  3. Hi,
    Is this project still ongoing with TMQG? I am in between projects at the moment and would love to contribute to this worthy cause, if it is still ongoing through the Guild.

    1. Yes we will be the Days for Girls Project back up soon. We will be asking for support in the meetings to make the next stage of the kits, the liners.