January 29, 2015

January Meeting 2015 - New Year and LOTS of New Faces

Its been aaaaages since our last meeting, so it was very exciting to head out to The Workroom again to see what people have been making and doing since last time. And boy were there a lot of people!

After we got the business and whatnot of introductions and dues-paying out of the way, we did our usual bit of show-and-tell.
Rebecca had one of her beautiful, minimalist quilt tops to show us. I love how its all back-lit in this picture. It makes it look like some sort of super contemporary stained glass. 

Andrea brought in these three little quilted board games. They are 27" square, and are intended for playing a simple form of Sudoku, where you use coloured buttons instead of numbers. If you are interested in making on like it the pattern is from the book "A Month of Sundays" by Cheryl Arkison. So simple and fun to make. 

Catherine brought in her finished t-shirt quilt. This one was quite an Odyssey and she is very happy that it is done. As you can probably see, it is a t-shirt quilt. 

She had some good tips after getting it done. As you can imagine, she backed all those stretchy knits with interfacing to stabilize everything, but also recommends that when working on patches like the one above, that have a LOT of printing on them, of the sort of plasticized ink that t-shirts are often made with, that you do a line of "pre-stitching" with an un-threaded machine, to sort of make a path for yourself, and then do the quilting with a threaded machine. Good tip!

Lisa brought in this adorable baby quilt on which she was just finishing the hand-sewn binding. She used the Les Amis fabric line by Patty Sloniger, which is just adorable!

And another lovely baby quilt from Jacqueline; a sweet pixelated heart…

…complete with gorgeous free-motion handwriting quilting. Lots of love in this quilt!

Dia, a new member to our guild (standing on the right) brought in this amazing quilt. The motif is an actual molecule (Mepalizumab, to be specific).

And the quilting is amazing! She had it done by a long-arm specialist. Note the syringe in there. The whole theme was in reference to an experience she had as she participated in a clinical trial. Fascinating!

Another new member, Julie (seen holding up her quilt on the right hand side) brought in this beautiful, bright classic. She's been working on this one for about two and a half years. Another epic quilt project, as she had it quilted by a long-arm specialist, but did not like the results, and so, picked out all the stitching and has started hand quilting it herself. Now that is dedication to your vision!

I think the hand quilting it a great choice and she is doing a beautiful job of it. She is making it for her daughter, and it is sure to be a treasured heirloom one day. 

Dana, a new, (though temporary member, visiting Canada from the Ukraine) has completed this strikingly graphic quilt top. I can't wait to see how she finishes it!

And Catherine C. has finally gotten over her fear of zippers, and is using little orphan quilt squares to make the cutest little zippered pouches. 

Another bit of fun from the meeting was the "We're Not Really Presidents Challenge". Many guilds have a "President's Challenge" but since our guild is somewhat unique in the way that we have structured our leadership, Rebecca and Andrea (our not-really-presidents) have issued the challenge. Anyone who wanted to participate chose a magazine at random out of a bag. Then, we chose a number  (25) and asked each member to open the magazine to page 25, and rip it out. We are to each use that randomly chosen page as our inspiration for a small quilted object that has a perimeter between 48" and 60". It can be square or rectangular. You can be inspired by colours on the page, motifs, text, anything really, so long as it is on that page. We'll bring the finished items to the May meeting to be judged by the Not Really Presidents, for a chance to win fabulous prizes!

Thanks again to all the people who came to the meeting, both new members and those lovely familiar faces that we always look forward to seeing again. See you next month!