May 14, 2019

April 2019 Meeting recap

It was an eventful April meeting.  This month we were downstairs in the Rainbow Room!  It was definitely cozier than our usual venue.  Also, I had a bit of excitement trying to sort out audio-visual,   so my visuals this month are a bit less than I might like, so you'll have to use your imagination a bit more if you weren't able to be there!

Show and Share
First up (in a bit of role reversal!) we had Show and Share.  Thanks to Stef for being my official photographer of Show and Share this month.

I'd like to show you a picture of the absolutely fabulous quilt that Peter Byrne showed us this month.  It's not that I don't have one, it's just super top secret and under embargo, so if you didn't see it in person you're out of luck!  And believe me, it's amazing!  Maybe Peter will let me post a photo of it in the future!

Shirley Dawson (@shirlgirl55) showed up a great "Map your world" quild that she made for the Quilts at the Creek theme for 2019.  She's used echo quilting to good effect on this one.  I presume it will be in the exhibit, so if you want a closer look, I guess you'll have to attend Quilts at the Creek!

We had a cute mini from Julie Jai, that she called Beaded Sashiko--I love a good bit of sashiko, myself, and I love the bright colours!

Catherine Clarke showed us a lovely quilt called Glitch, that she pattern tested for our own Bobbi!  I love the design, and the colours Catherine used are really effective.

We also had Three Times a Charm from Kellie Murphy, which is one of her UFO's from 2018. And I'm hoping I've got the correct photo here, as I am not 100% sure!
Finally, we had two offerings from Anna Figueira, Snowflake, which was an MTQG President's Challenge (Love Snow), and Junkfood, a charm pack project.

I think that was everyone, but if I missed you out-apologies! 

Block Lotto
We have a new block lotto starting this month- six minute circles, which Rebecca demo'd for us, and handed out freezer paper for. 
As usual, the instructions are up on the Projects and Challenges page.  The blocks are due in at June meeting, so get sewing away!

Wow!  Thanks to everyone who brought snacks for the meeting, we were totally spoiled for choice!

Machine Quilting
This month's main event was a discussion about machine quilting led by Bobbie. She started off by highlighting a number of different styles using examples from the recent QuiltCon.  A number of members asked for suggestions of what to do for quilting on some finished tops, which was lively and interesting:

I think everyone really enjoyed it (I know I did!). Notes from the discussion are posted on the FB page under the Files tab at the left side if you want a recap, and if anything was covered that you think should be on there, we can add it in.

Spotlight-Instagrammers to follow
We had a fantastic spotlight from Theresa Ghislaine, who gave a great roundup of interesting and prolific posters on Instagram, including
              TMQG, MQG, 52 Quilters (new quilter each week), libselliot, said_with_love,       
             3dstoryworkrhop, quiltsfromtheattic, Ghislaine_marieXX

She finished up with some tips and examples of tags, as well as a couple of websites where you can learn more, should you be so inclined!  You can see her slides here.

The member draw was won by Gillian Leake
The paid raffle for the Workroom gift card, was Rebecca Burnett

All in all, it was a great and lively meeting, with lots to learn. That's it for April, see you at the next meeting!

May Meeting: Libs Elliott will be giving a trunk show and bringing a popup.