November 7, 2019

October 2019 Meeting Recap-Alice Williams

Lots of excitement this month!  The by-laws were adopted, and the election results were announced in the first bit of the meeting, and then we had a full schedule of programming!

Election Results
And the vote is in!  Presenting your 2020 TMQG Executive:
President  Bobbie-Sue Gentilli
Vice President Xandra
Treasurer Brandi
Secretary Christina
Communications Officer Theresa
Thanks for stepping up guys, and I can't wait to see what's in store next year!

November Meeting
We're having our annual holiday party in November, with the usual treats!  Don't forget to bring something (enough for no more than 12 people).  New this year, in the second half of the meeting, we will open it to the public, and members of the TMQG will be able to have a table to sell their wares in a festive market (email to book a table).

This year, we'll be having a name badge swap, if you want to participate, please carefully read the instructions that Adrienne has kindly written up here!

Alice Williams "Spirit in My Quilts"
This month we had Alice Williams of Pimaatisiwin Quilts, gave a trunk show (we literally saw three suitcases of quilts!  It was pretty cool). 

Alice started off with a moving acknowledgement to the land of the Anishinaabe, then moved on to tell us a little about her background growing up in the bush of Northern Ontario with her Anishinaabe mother and her Norwegian father.  Alice started quilting in 1980, and some of the aspects that she likes is that it connects her to the past and community.  She  explores a number of traditions and symbols derived from her background.  This starts with the adapted spirit wheel symbol that she likes to incorporate into her quilts, a green ring quartered with red, yellow, black and white.
Alice showed us a couple of sampler quilts incorporating indigenous sayings and quotes. As well as a number of quilts with strawberries, which she says are a traditional and important symbol.  One of them she had done in a kind of trapunto style, using recycled fabric, rather than wadding to stuff the trapunto sections.  It was heavy!

There were alot of turtles, another perennial favourite:

And a number of loons:

And alot of stars!  Some with very tiny piecing, as Alice tries to use up even the smallest scraps of fabric:

I could show you more, but I think I'll stop there!

Laura gave us an intro to Pojagi, an historic Korean art form of patchwork.  With four basic stitches (whip, running, decorative and backstitch), which are used to make wrappings, covers, bags, etc. 
Laura showed us some basic stitches, as well as describing a machine-adapted method that she developed (because apparently she loves her machine!).  Sorry I didn't grab more photos, I was too busy examing the samples she had brought (which were awesome!). Laura's suggestion if you want to find more information on pojagi/bojagi, this video from Korean artist YoungMin Lee is a great place to start, or you can get a DVD made by her here.

Block Lotto
The blue and white crosses were due in this month, and they were all won by Brandon!  Can't wait to see what you do with them!

Charity Quilt Update
Karen has pieced the top, and we got a view of it this month:
Doesn't it look great?  And it hasn't even been quilted yet! That's the next job.

Quilt Canada 2020
There's a pretty great lineup for the 2020 Con, including a number of our own! It's going to be in Edmonton, and you can see more information here. Also, for the first time ever, there will be a modern challenge!  There are also a number of other challenges and swaps, so visit the website to check it out.

Show and Share
I was first up, with two miniquilts:

Next up was Christine Navarro with her version of the Alison Glass Trinket quilt:

Sandra Cooper showed up two pieces, a UFO called "ancestral mod block"

and JoyII, a baby blanket

Brandon showed us his latest flying geese quilt entitled "Some Geese are artistic"

 Sandra Sarner displayed Quilt Quilt, inspired by a Davenport Rd company sign.

And last, (but of course not least!), Peter Byrne showed us his epic Roe V Wade quilt, of his own design with a compelling design and interesting story. You can find more of an explanation on Peter's Instagram post.

Catherine showed us a QuiltCon project from Savannah (so, it's been hanging around awhile, but she's still finished hers before I finished mine!!)

Anne won the member draw ( a fat quarter)
Adrienne was the lucky recipient of the gift card this month.

And that's a wrap for this month folks, thanks for reading!  -Robin.

September 2019 Meeting Recap- Carol Ann Graham

We had a pretty packed meeting in September--it's that amazing time when we have to review the by-laws of the guild, and hold elections for next year's executive!

By-laws and Election Call
Karen reviewed the proposed by-law changes, and a Policy Paper on promotion and support on the guild's social media platforms. 

Once that was done, Adrienne made the call for elections.  At the time of the meeting, all five of the executive positions were open for the 2020 year.  Each of the current position holders got up and gave a brief description of their duties, and took any questions.  

Block Lotto
Becky demonstrated the last block lotto of the year, which is a shorter one, and only ran for a month.  Blue and White crosses, scrappy and using mid-blue range fabrics-fun!

Charity Quilt Update
All the blocks were due in this month, and they look great!  We had a brief discussion about the full arrangement of the blocks, and Karen took them off to assemble them into a completed top! Thanks to everyone who contributed blocks, and really got in the spirit of it!

Carol Ann Graham- Slow Sewing
We had a great talk from Carol Ann Graham, although she was very soft spoken, so I was on the edge of my seat to hear all the great things she had to say! She started off by telling us about how she got started in quilting, hand sewing on the TTC as she carried out her daily commute. To this day, she's still all about the hand quilting--and it show!  The quality of her stitching is amazing!

She showed us a selection of her quilts, which was a lot of fun, and then moved on to talking about why she loves to hand sew, and some of the tools she finds really useful. Carol Ann said that she enjoys every aspect of the process for each of the projects that she starts, and especially enjoys the quiet, portable nature of the sewing, and that it encourages technical excellence, as well as the way that it encourages a different relationship to fabric consumption.  This really echoed with me, as I also love to do hand sewing (although I still love my sewing machine!!), especially the fabric consumption aspect, since I am trying really hard to sew with what I have.
In terms of tools, Carol Ann shared some of her favourite things.  
Thread: 100% cotton, 35 weight, sashiko threads/needles, pearl cotton  (quilting weight threads)
Marking: pencils, pins (marking from the back)
Other: she likes to use beeswax and thread conditioner which prevents bearding or shredding on the threads, and uses a frame for quilting, favouring a cube snap frame, although there are a number of good quality quilting frames available.
She also had some interesting suggestions for recent resources:
Slow-Stitch: Mindful and Cotemplative Textile Art by Claire Wellesley-Smith
Show and Share
We had a fair bumper crop of show and share this month!  I couldn't quite find the sheets (yes, I am being pretty bad with this lately! ), so hopefully I have got the attributions correct!  If there isn't one, it's because I couldn't figure out what the quilt was called, and who it was from (so, feel free to let me know, and I will update the blog!!)
Christina showed us this finished quilt from her pattern "Love me Not" (which was a raffle prize this month-the pattern, not the quilt :):

 Adrienne Showed us this fab baby quilt that she finished (her own design!):

 Shannon showed us this beautiful Feathers Quilt that she finished:

Laura showed us this cool quilt that she made assisted by Pre-Quilt:

 Xandra showed us this double sided quilt (both sides!):

 Brandon, one of our new members showed us this really graphic flying geese quilt (apparently this is his current "obsession", so I think we might be seeing more of these from him!). 

Peter showed one of the quilts that he had hanging in his exhibition at Quilts at the Creek, Night Sky.  You can't really tell from the picture, but the quilting (as ever!) is incredibly dense in a number of different colours, and brings a cool extra dimension to the finished quilt!

 Our fearless leader Karen had two quilts to show this month, True North (below)

And Big Kahuna!  It definitely is large size!

With a cool backing!

The member draw was won by Xandra.  Someone won the gift card to EweKnit, but I can't quite figure out who!  Whoever it was, hope you enjoy it!
·         That's it for this month from me, Robin.

July 2019 Meeting-Quilts at the Creek!

Quilts at the Creek

This was my first time at Quilts at the Creek, and I'm not sure it's going to continue, so I'm so glad I managed to make it to this one!  Our meeting mostly consisted of attending Valerie Goodwin's lecture and trunk show entitled "A Dialogue Between Quilting and Architecture"
Valerie gave an absolutely fascinating talk, starting with how her architecture training has influenced her quilting and fibre arts work.  

She talked about what she sees as the similarities between architectural process and the quilting process, and focused on design, texture, depth, colour, shape and other aspects.  She also talked about how she started doing workshops with students.  She uses a wealth of techniques, including collage, applique, and hand stitching.  Most recently she has been doing aerial views and using laser cut fabrics.

Valerie was a really inspirational speaker, and her quilts and process are very unique, and beautiful.  If you haven't seen her quilts or heard her speak, and you have a chance to, I really recommend that you do so!

Scavenger Hunt
After the trunk show, we had a trip round the quilt exhibit, aided by a handy scavenger hunt list of quilt features and types.  The weather was amazing, although I really had to search out some water, because it was HOT!
Sorry, not so many pics--I was too busy looking at the quilts!

Anyway, there were four winners, who got tickets to the Creativ Festival in October, or the Textile Museum.

That's it for July!  Hope everyone enjoyed the break in August before we started again in September.