May 16, 2014

April Meeting

What a great meeting we had at the end of April. Lots of new faces to go along with the old familiar ones.

After dealing with the random bits of business and going around the table and doing introductions, we went on to Show and Tell of both finished items and works in progress. First up was Emily Beckett-Sward, who showed us a beautiful baby quilt that she had just finished.
If I remember the story correctly, she made this sweet simple little square pattern, was happy with it, and then decided that she wanted to try doing something a little more challenging. 
Yeah, I'm going to say that that got a little more challenging, pretty fast. 
Seriously though, gorgeous eh? I'm not sure if it was Emily herself who said it, or one of the other guild members (Debbie maybe?) but it was suggested that this should be called a "Mullet Quilt" as in "business in the front, party in the back". A pretty good description no matter who said it. Now all she has to do is bind it. 

Next up was Angela Wu, who brought in this little number.
It is a pattern that she made up herself, and I wish I had taken a better close-up because while the patchwork itself is gorgeous, what really impressed us was the quilting. 
There was lots of swirly, feathery goodness going on here, which you can only vaguely see in this image. Lots of amazing texture.

Katrina Kilroy was one of the new faces around the table. She'd brought this adorable baby quilt.

I love how bright and graphic it is. It is going to blow baby Emma's mind. 

And Jacquline Sava (of Soak fame) brought in this adorable little thing. Can you tell what it is?

 Here's a close up of it closed….
…and here it is opened up. Its a little ring pillow that she used for her wedding! What a great idea eh? I'm having a hard time remembering (because I waited, like three weeks to finally blog about it) but I believe that Katrina made it for her. 

Last up was Ysobela Hyett. 
She's right behind this quilt top, I promise you. And isn't it great. I love her fabric choices. The really bold, saturated colours of the little triangles contrasting with the lovely soft pinks of the background.

She also had this completed quilt top to show us.

She's making this one for a charity auction. Simple yet striking and so much fun.

And here's a picture of some of the fabrics that we will be using for our Sow's Ear Challenge. The swap process was really fun, with the surprise factor of what you would pull out of that bag being the point of it and all. I can't wait to see what people make!

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