Paper Plane Block Lotto

Like Spring, paper piecing - and flights of fancy - are in the air. And in case you missed the April meeting, Berene took us through a great presentation on this much-requested piecing technique.

This segued nicely into our next block lotto challenge, the Paper Plane Paper Piecing Block designed by Kristy Lea of Quietplay. Follow Berene's version with all its awesome, informative links and resources and you'll be flying high in no time. Blocks are 8 1/2" square and the background field must be WHITE. Also, if you'd like to position your plane differently in the block (makes for a less symmetrical look when all sewn together), allow extra background fabric on the outside edges of the block and then trim it down to 8 1/2" square from within your finished block - at your angle of choice.

You know the drill: each block gets you a ticket for the the grand draw so the more blocks you make, the more chances you have at winning the jackpot!

One last thing: since we're moving guild meetings to the first Sunday of the month, these blocks are due on June 4 at The Workroom's new digs at 1267 Queen Street West.

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