January 15, 2016

Christmas Party!

December is an odd month. There is so much going on and its just so darned busy that most people don't have time to make anything, except Christmas gifts perhaps. So here at the TMQG we don't have a regular meeting. But we do have a party!
I must say, there were a lot of Christmas/Holiday parties in my December but this one was definitely the most fun. Everyone brought lovely treats and baked goods and there was even a bit of sherry. But the best part, of course, was the people. 
We had a White Elephant swap, wherein everyone brought a home made gift, and then drew numbers and chose a gift to unwrap or STEAL! Lots of fun competition and laughs and even though there were some favourites that got stolen and passed around, I'm pretty sure everyone went home with something they loved. I know I did!
We played games as well. Can't have a party without proper games! We each made a patchwork "bingo card". Which was fun in and of itself. And then we played bingo for prizes. 
We also had a nice chance to look at the charity quilt we made as a group during out last quilt retreat. 
I love the way the rhythm of it. 

I really have to take my hat off to Rebecca, who basically invented this last game. 
I don't know what she calls it, but I'm going to call it The Half-Square-Triangle Composition Competition. 
We were set up to compete in pairs, and were given a picture of a finished block made of HST's and then had to see who could construct the block from little HST chips the fastest. 

It was insanely fun, and even though I'm not normally a person who enjoys competition, I really got into it! The best part was watching our normally calm and genial members get intense, and even do a little smack talking as they got ready to compete. (Laura had me almost on the floor with laughter with her ability to "bring it" verbally)

In the end it came down to Rebecca and Sammara.
Samara anxiously awaiting the judgement of the official...
…and was declared the WINNAH!
I'm telling you, it was some good times. I hope to play this again!
It was a lovely change of pace from our usual meeting. Can't wait to see everybody again in the New Year!

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