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Quilt Canada 2016 Solids Mini-Quilt Challenge

This is for our exhibit at CQA Quilt Canada in June. Attendees to the show will vote to determine the winner. Prize will be announced soon.

14" x 14" quilt using ONLY TWO OR THREE of the following Kona Cotton Solids:

School Bus

NO other fabrics may be used on visible portions. It is fine to use anything for the backing, facing or sleeve.

You may use any colour of thread for quilting and piecing, but you may not embellish your work with anything else or change the fabrics in any way. That means no sequins, buttons, glitter, paint, ink, dyes, bleach, etc.

Your quilt must have a faced binding. Here is a great tutorial if you are new to the technique. Don't sweat it, it's easy!

Your quilt must have a 2" sleeve. Here is a tutorial for attaching sleeves, but keep in mind that this tutorial is for a large sleeve. You can start with a piece of fabric that is 4 1/2" wide instead of 8 1/2" as called for in the instructions.

Other than those requirements, you are free to do as you wish, but please try to keep in mind that it should be "modern."

Entries will be due June 1, 2016. Our regular May meeting on May 29 is cancelled due to the thread workshop we are holding, but if you are attending that event you may hand in your entry then.

Just to be crystal clear... You may use either two or three of the listed fabrics. You may NOT add any other fabrics (nope, not even white!).

Have fun creating!


  1. Thanks for the details. I'll be getting my sollids to work on.

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