June 20, 2016

Drum Roll Please....

The votes have been tallied for our Quilt Canada 2016 Solids Mini-quilt Challenge. Thanks to all of you who submitted a quilt and to everyone who visited our exhibit and voted. We had 1,510 votes and people had a very hard time choosing their favourites! Look how great it looked...

And now for the news you want to hear. The winners of our three beuatiful fat quarter bundles courtesy of Robert Kaufman Fabrics are....

First place goes to Rebecca for quilt #9.
(No, I didn't cheat! Julie and Laura will attest to our security measures.)

Second place goes to Doris for quilt #8.
Third place goes to Lynda for quilt #12

I would like to add an honourable mention for quilts #7 and #6 by Berene and Adrienne respectively. They were both hot on the heels of third place!

And finally, the winner of our draw from the voters' ballots was Jean Hillis, who happened to be volunteering right around the corner white-gloving on the show floor. She had a beautiful quilt called Adagietto in the NJS that was a second place guild rosette winner!

Adagietto by Jean Hillis
It was a fabulous show and a great time was had by all who attended. Congratulations to our winners and thanks again to all who participated and to Robert Kaufman Fabrics who provided our beautiful prize bundles of Kona Cotton Fat Quarters.


  1. Exciting!!!!! And so glad that Jean won. She's a nice lady!
    Congrats to all the winners!!

  2. Congratulations, Becky and Lynda!! People were very interested and complimentary during my shift at the Modern Quilt Guild exhibit. They loved the solid mini quilt challenge pieces and often wanted to vote for more than one! A big thank you to the executive - that would be Becky and Andrea for creating this challenge. And, a big thank you to Robert Kaufman Fabrics for the prizes.

  3. Congrats ladies! Such amazing quilts and wow, Becky and I had fun sifting through all those votes! Such great representation of the guild. Also, thanks to Robert Kaufman for the awesome prize bundles.

  4. Congratulations winners! it was a fun challenge.

  5. Berene, I love that quilt. Wow!