June 21, 2016

Hello TMQG'ers

If you've been watching CNN lately you'll know it's election season. And the same applies here in our quilty community. Here are all the details that you need to know about our upcoming election. (Sorry, no Wolf Blitzer poling stats or snazzy John King 3D graphics.) 

This email requires a good read, so make yourself a cup of tea and get comfy.

There have been lots of meetings, and discussions about how we would like to improve our guild, where we’d like it to go in the next few years and who the new leadership will be. Well now it’s time to put all that talk into action! The June meeting is your chance to vote on who you would like to run for president and other important roles. This is important info so PLEASE READ all the way to the bottom.

• Nominees get put in the ballot
• Deadline for nominees is 11am on Sunday, June 26, 2014.
• Paper ballots will be cast at the June TMQG meeting.
• Online voting is available only to those who can’t make the meeting. (See note below)
• Voting is for the role of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary only. Additional committee roles are based on volunteer sign-up.
• Votes will be counted as a group on Monday June 27.
• The new President and Executive will be announced by email and on the Facebook page on or by Monday June 27 at the latest.
• If you volunteer to be on the ballot, or are nominated with your approval, you are committing to take on the responsibilities of that role for one calendar year.

Any fully paid up member of the TMQG. If you have not paid your dues in full you cannot be elected.

Any fully paid up member of the TMQG. If you have not paid your dues in full you cannot vote.

• You volunteer yourself to be on the ballot, or another TMQG member can nominate you, but ONLY once you have confirmed that you are willing to take on the responsibilities they are nominating you for.
• To put your / the nominee’s name on the ballot do the following:
Email Berene@happysewlucky.com with the email subject: “TMQG election ballot” and state your name, the position you would like to run for, and your phone number in case there are any issues. If you are nominating someone else, both you and the person you are nominating need to email Berene, so that we know they understand the commitment.
• Please also add your name to the Facebook sign-up list for others to see ahead of Sunday’s vote.

Email Berene@happysewlucky.com to let her know, and she will send you a key to use as an online ballot. Deadline for online ballots is midnight Saturday, June 25.

As you will see when you read the responsibilities below, there is a LOT of work involved in making the guild run in an efficient and successful way. The more people that collaborate the better a community our guild will be. There are a variety of skills required and time involved for the different positions, so see what fits you best. Every member should get involved in some way. PLEASE SIGN UP in some capacity! Even if it means you share a role with a friend.

Note: the roles and responsibilities listed below are the abridged version for the purpose of this blog post. The full detailed version was sent out to all TMQG members by email. If you did not receive it, contact Becky.

• Runs the guild and actively participates in leadership and decisions.
Primary contact for Toronto MQG
Oversees Guild & Executive Council meetings.
Prepares meeting agendas
Prepares an annual report (year-in-review)
Arranges for, schedules and facilitates general meetings and board meetings
Attends monthly guild meetings, sew days, Executive Council meetings, and guild programs.
• Is responsible for securing location for monthly guild meetings 

• Facilitate communication with members and performs the duties of the President if needed.
Prepares monthly newsletter.
Maintains a Guild calendar.
Plans and prepares recommendations for programs and demos.
Assists in maintaining TMQG’s social media accounts. 
Attends monthly guild meetings, sew days, Executive Council meetings, and guild programs.
Actively participates in leadership and decisions.

Maintains TMQG’s bank account including preparing reports.
• Prepares budget for approval of Executive Council.
Provides annual financial report to Toronto MQG
Pays bills.
Handles membership dues collection throughout the year.
Files all required official paperwork and tax returns in a timely manner.
Attends monthly guild meetings, sew days, Executive Council meetings, and guild programs.
• Along with the other officers, actively participates in leadership and decisions.

Takes notes at monthly meetings.
Maintains all social media such as Toronto MQG’s blog, Flickr, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter accounts. (Coordinates with GUILD PHOTOGRAPHER for images)
• Posts monthly meeting re-cap to Toronto MQG’s blog
Posts announcements, guild business, etc. to the blog
• Corresponds as necessary with organizations that have dealings with Toronto MQG.
Runs monthly meetings if President and the VP are absent.
• Keeps records of minutes of meetings.
Ensures photos of Guild events are taken.
Attends monthly guild meetings, sew days, Executive Council meetings, and guild programs.
• Along with the other officers, actively participates in leadership and decisions.
• Organizes and runs annual election in June.

Committees are created for the purpose of creating and building fellowship and meeting the needs of guild members.  Committees can be suggested by any member, but only the Guild Executive Council can officially create or dissolve a committee.

Committee members are based on volunteering your name. These are not elected positions.


Maintains Guild Roster on the MQG website
Assists in collecting membership dues and guest fees and remits to Treasurer
Assist in distributing material to members
Record attendance of members and guests at monthly meetings
• Work closely with Treasurer to maintain accurate and current roster
Coordinates nametags and annual nametag prize draw
Coordinates door prizes to be given out at the end of each meeting
• Keeps list of members’ blogs on the TMQG blog updated. 

Actively recruits member and guest speakers for meeting demos and presentations on topics of interest especially as they relate to modern quilting style and techniques.
Actively recruits member or guest speakers and teachers for special Guild programs and workshops with a focus on modern quilting
Researches, suggests, and plans meeting content, including teacher and speaker visits sponsored by Toronto MQG
Coordinates at least 2 workshops/classes annually for members

Coordinates at least 3 annual internal and/or external guild swaps, round-robins, etc.
• Coordinates all aspects of any fat quarter lotteries 
• Coordinates all aspects of any MQG challenges
• Coordinates all aspects of at least 4 block lottos annually
• Coordinates pub-nights
• Coordinates sew-downs

• Coordinates all aspects of annual charity project and promote philanthropy for Toronto MQG
• Coordinates all aspects of annual MQG charity quilt production and submission

• Coordinates all aspects of at least 1 quilt show or exhibit annually. This may be in conjunction with a larger body (e.g. Quilt Canada)

• Takes photos at monthly meetings. Coordinates with SECRETARY for images on social media maintenance.

So you see there are lots of options, something for everyone. So sign up and get involved.

Please be on time for Sunday's meeting. Look forward to seeing a good turnout! 

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