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Hey y'all - welcome to our brand-new space! For a few months now we've been talking about switching from our old website format to a blog format and the time has finally arrived! Sheila and I have been putting the finishing touches on this new space for the last little bit - oh, who am I kidding? It's been mostly Sheila! She is our Media Guru after all.

There will definitely be some adjustment to this new space as we move everything along, but our goal is to shut the old website down on October 1st. If there is anything that you want from the old site or a discussion you'd like to save, you'd best do it now!

Charity Quilt with blocks made by TMQG members. Photo by Kaye Prince

Some things you might want to know about our new space:
- Only members who have attended meetings will have author rights to write blog posts for this space. Everyone else is free to follow along here and add comments.
- Please email myself, Sheila, or the TMQG directly to request author rights. You will need to have a Google account in order to do this. If you do not want to get a Google account, we are working on creating a generic account for the use of active TMQG members but I would encourage everyone to get a Google account to make organization and posting easier.
- Please, no posts selling or advertising. This is a space to share our creative endeavours with each other, not to profit.
- If you have any questions, concerns, or aren't sure if something is okay to post please email me or the TMQG account.
- If you have any suggestions for local resources, or events, again, please email myself, Sheila, or the TMQG.

Please feel free to continue to use both the Flickr and Facebook groups. Sharing pictures in this space will be a little more difficult unless you are writing a blog post, but sharing in the Flickr group is quite easy!

Sheila has also written up the meeting notes from our last three meetings and took some lovely shots of members' work. (Watch out for my legs in the May post!!) If you would like to volunteer to help write up meetings notes - so that Sheila isn't doing everything herself - that would be great!

Please add this blog to your reader, use GFC, or follow along with us via RSS so that you don't miss any info. Meeting information for each month will be posted here as well as in the Facebook group.

Thanks and I can't wait to start sharing with y'all in our new space!
- Kaye
President, Toronto Modern Quilt Guild


  1. I'm excited to see that the TMQG now has a blog! I'll be reading and keeping in touch with your meetings from Vancouver. I'm enjoying the photos I've seen so far!

  2. Thanks for putting so much work into this new blog format, you guys! It looks fabulous, and I hope to be around much more frequently!

  3. Love the new blog! I'm really hoping to attend my first meeting this month :)


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