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Our First Quilting Retreat! August 2015

Well, LAST summer during our vacation we got together outside of the city for a little eating and show and tell, but just for the afternoon. THIS year we had an actual, bona fide quilting retreat! One of our members, Adrienne Van Halem, generously invited us to her family cottage up North. So, a handful of us who could take the time and make the drive headed up to Georgian Bay for the weekend.  And it was GLORIOUS! I mean, look at that! I wish I'd taken a good picture of the cottage, but basically its a gorgeous little place with hight ceilings and art filled walls, that looks right out onto the lake. Just walk down the lawn and you can hop off the dock straight into the water! But don't worry, we didn't spend all day down on the dock.  We did a LOT of sewing! We took over the living room and set up a cutting station, an ironing station... and a great big sewing table where we fit five sewing machines... …and another little table for the vintage feather