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October 2018 Meeting Recap

Great Lakes Workshop Participants with 3rd Story Workshop Hello again! Wow, what a wonderful month we had at the TMQG. So, let's just dive in! Andrea Tsang Jackson of 3rd Story Workshop Trunk Show We were so fortunate to have the extremely talented Andrea Tsang Jackson in town for a pair of workshops and trunk show. To see more of her work and buy her excellent patterns, check out her website here . Crow Quills by Andrea Tsang Jackson Ruby Gemstone Wall Hanging by Andrea Tsang Jackson Our Song Quilt  by Andrea Tsang Jackson Here's what we learned: Andrea is originally from Ottawa, studied architecture at McGill, followed by a Masters in Education.  She has lived in Halifax for 6 years with her husband and two children and is an active member of the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild. She has always been interested in the intersection between design, craft, and education. She wants to be somebody who takes technology and makes it meaningful, usab