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May Meeting 2015 Part I: Show and Tell

Every time I sit down to write this blog, I am surprised by how many photos I have to post here. I know I spend most of the meeting clicking away with my camera, but I'm still shocked by how many pictures I have to edit. "People are never going to stick with me through to the end," I think, "this is going to be a veeeerrrrry long post!" And as our membership grows, and meeting attendance gets more and more enthusiastic, there are just so many gorgeous projects to take pictures of and share with the internet and quilting world. And so today it has finally come to this: I am going to have to split the post into two parts. This post (part one) will be the "Show and Tell" portion of our meeting, and then the next post will be the projects and results of our "Not Really President's Challenge." Alright? Here we go. Kathryn kicked off the meeting by showing us her "second quilt ever". Her first was a t-shirt quilt, so this is a big