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March 3rd 2019 Meeting Recap

Hi there!   Welcome to the roundup of the March 3 rd , 2019 meeting.   It was pretty action packed! Yours truly volunteered to take up the cap of Communications Officer, so apologies, but some names and details are probably going to be lacking in this month’s roundup, but I will be more on top of it next month, I promise!   Quiltcon Roundup So, first up was the QuiltCon roundup, so all of those of us that didn’t manage to go, got to hear about the great happenings.   This included the winners of the quilt categories, recap of classes that the members attended, and a bit about our Charity Quilt and what is happening with it. Spotlights and Socials It’s a new year, so it’s a new round for socials and spotlight sign ups. A lot of slots have been filled, but there are still a few available. Please consider signing up for one of these, and help contribute to making our program great, not mentioning making more connections with our membership! Budget-2018 and 2019 We also had