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April Meeting, 2015

Berene started the meeting by introducing our first ever Block Lottery. Its a simple and clever idea where each participating guild member makes a couple of blocks following the same pattern and colour scheme, and then at the next meeting we do a draw, and whoever wins gets to take home all the blocks. Et voila, instant quilt top! This block is called "Pick up Sticks" and Berene has very kindly put together a tutorial for them which I will post next week.  Valerie had this Pop-y little block to show. The checkerboard sections are made with hand dyed fabric from Cherrywood Hand-Dyed Fabrics . The colours are amazing, and the texture of them is like butter. They almost have a suede-y feel. She originally started out with the white sections left plain, but then later added the appliqu├ęd circles in a polka-dot print, which really kick things up a notch. This spunky little baby quilt was made by Dia.  I had to get a close-up of the adorable print. It has such a sweet vin