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October Meeting Update

Hey y'all - it's time again for the monthly meeting! Since we didn't get to it last month (we were gabbing too much - it was great fun!) I'll be leading the label design workshop at this month's meeting. No special tools are required and I will have samples of both labels and Spoonflower fabrics for you to look at. If we get the time I will also show you how to create business cards using the same method. As always please bring along your completed projects and/or problems to share with the group. We are also running short on new workshop and tutorial ideas for meetings. We've already slotted an extended sharing/gifting time into the November meeting for the secret santa/mystery gift exchange and won't be having a meeting in December, but we need something good for January and into next year. Let's hear your ideas! MQG Survey: Just a reminder to fill out the MQG survey for this year! Please fill it out if you get the chance - if mor