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January 2018 Meeting Recap

Well, hello 2018! Thank you to everyone who came out to kick-off the year, it was nice to see old friends and meet new ones at our January guild meeting. Equally refreshing was cleaning out our sewing space and adding new fabric finds! Here’s a recap of the fun we had! TMQG Happenings Hip hip hooray! Introducing our 2018 Executive Team: President Steff Rose, Vice-President Karen Brown, Secretary Christine Narravo, Treasurer Adrienne Van Halem, Communications Officer Laura Henneberry, and Guild Photographer Diana Fox-Revett . The Toronto Modern Quilt Guild is currently 72 members strong and we’d like to welcome our 9 new members! Thanks for joining us, we’re so happy to have you! One goal for 2018 is to encourage member engagement (nudge, nudge, wink wink, yep, we're looking at you!). With that nudge, would you like to step up and chair a committee? We’d love to see your leadership on the following committees: Social , Programming , and Charity . K