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Janurary/February Meeting

Its about time that we updated this blog! There have been two meetings that have come and gone, and I have the pictures to prove it. January Meeting A fresh new year and some changes to the guild. Our stalwart president of three years, Kaye Prince, retired her leadership, and since no one stepped up for nomination, we are trying something new. We have divided the duties of leadership among a board made up of our members who regularly attend meetings. This way we can still function as a guild, just without a president. So, the January meeting was our chance to divide up duties. And of course, we always have show-and-tell. I'm amazed but the constantly high standard of work produced by our quilt members. This one is a stunner. A lovely star quilt by Valerie Prideaux. Look at the detail on in the quilting! Next up was a finished quilt by Rebecca Burnett. This is a stack-and-whack quilt. I was impressed not only by her precision, but also by her lovely colour choi