English Paper Piecing Links

Hey y'all! Just to round-out the English Paper Piecing workshop that I hosted at the last TMQG meeting, here are some links to various EPP tutorials and projects.

Quilt-As-You-Go Hexie Coaster Tutorial

There is a tutorial on my blog for the Quilt as you Go Coaster I brought in to the meeting. This tutorial includes step-by-step instructions (with pictures) for paper piecing the way that I demonstrated and for creating the coaster if you so wish. It can be found here.

You can find a tutorial from The Stitchin' Post in Sisters here that demonstrates not only using glue on your templates, but also sewing through the templates rather than the way I demonstrated. Sewing through your templates is especially useful when working with larger pieces. It also shows a quick demonstration of how to whip-stitch the pieces together.

A really great post from Flossie Teacakes with a plethora of information can be found here. She discusses fabric choice, different template materials, choosing thread, and much more!

A tutorial using diamonds can be found here. The tutorial uses a similar method to the Falling Starburst pillow I brought in to meeting (the pattern for the Falling Starburst pillow can be found in the special Fall 2011 edition of Fat Quarterly magazine).

Pre-cut cardstock templates in varying shapes can be purchased from PaperPieces.com (they also have some free patterns on their site) and various other places online. You can also make and print out your own using a site such as Incomputech (just pick the type of paper you want and then change the sizing, line colours, whatever you'd like! You can preview the templates in PDF format before printing and save them to your computer for future use).


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