April 23, 2016

February Meeting 2016: Part One

Ok People, I'm having a problem with this here guild. Can I be honest here? Can I tell you what the issue is? Ok, here goes: There is just TOO MUCH TALENT here! I'm telling you, I get overwhelmed by it. So many great ideas. So many amazingly skilled people. So. Much. Beauty! I get home after one of our meetings, and my camera is literally heavier from all the pictures I took.
We started with a look at the next block lotto pattern. Isn't it adorable? Its Raspberry Kiss by Rachel at Wooden Spoon. As per usual with our block lottos, all members have are invited to make as many blocks as they like, and then bring them in to the April meeting. You will receive one ballot per block you made and the winner of the draw gets to take all the lovely little blocks home to put together for a quilt top.
Our next order of business was a fat quarter draw. We had so many people bring in fat quarters that we split the pile in two (warms and cools) and did two draws. Laura and Elena were the lucky winners.
Marilou shared a quilt that she had quilted as part of a Craftsy Creative Quilting With Your Walking Foot workshop with Jacquie Gehring.
I love that the back is just as pretty as the front.
Sue brought in this beautiful quilt top which she has sandwiched and started quilting.
She used the Improv Handbook by Shelly Lynn Wood. This one was based on the string method.

This is Debbie's contribution to the Quilts for Syria sew-down. Led by our member Berene of Sew Darn Cute, many of our members got together to make quilts to give to Syrian Refugees to help welcome them to Canada. Much of the fabric was donated and since there was only an afternoon to use, people got really creative with making simple, yet striking quilts. Debbie used the clever device of Half-Square triangles to make this stunner. Not only is is beautiful, but meaningful. The design, with the stray blocks coming together with all the other blocks leads one to think of the refugees joining a new community here.
And look at the lovely details she's added to the quilting. A heart with a maple leaf. Some real Canadian Love!
Berene designed and printed these labels on Spoonflower for all the participants to add to their quilt.
Dia brought in a quandary. She made these blocks as part of a Block of the Month club in 2013, from Alyssa Lichner of Pile O' Fabric.
I love these, but Dia has run out of fabric (that background fabric with the little stars) and isn't quite sure what to do with them.
We suggested throw pillows. I think this one would be amazing on my couch!
Due to my poor short term memory (I blame parenting) and my crappy note-taking skills (nobody to blame but myself) I don't actually know who made these lovely place mats. I want to say Emily, as she was sitting in that quadrant of the room. Was it you Emily? Anyhow, they are a really great way to use some nice fabric pieces, and would make the breakfast table look so fun. I feel a sudden need for place mats in my life.
Berene, who as I previously mentioned was the organizing force behind the Quilts for Refugees sew down event, certainly did her part to make some lovely things during the course of that afternoon. Here is a very cheerful Maverick star.
The fabric looks like feedback reproductions, which is a favourite of mine.
And she also made this amazing "Map of the World" quilt. Simple, bold giant log cabin style layout,
…but with this very meaningful patch in the middle. Look how she's embroidered the flightpath from Syria to Canada.
Berene also brought in this amazing quilt of her own design. Its called Rainbow Mashup. If you are interested in making one like it, she has the pattern for sale in her etsy shop.
Georgia, our youngest member brought in this lovely piece that she made as her contribution for Quilts for refugees. I love the subtle colour palette she used.
And I can't resist posting this pic of her sitting on her quilt, because of the way her outfit seems to match it so perfectly, right down to the pink shoes.
Elaine had this eye popping number to show us.
She made this by cutting up a panel from the ColorWorks Concepts line. Such a great concept. I think it was the panel that is on the left hand side of the page that this link will lead you to.
And isn't this amazing! It s a free (FREE!) download from Sam Hunter at Hoffman, called, quite appropriately, The Droid is Not for Sale.
Honestly, how adorable is this little BB8? Amazing!
Northcott Colourworks Challenge
Catherine used her JayBird Mini Hex and More ruler to make these two very different feeling quilts, from the same pattern. I find it endlessly amazing how much fabric choice affects the mood of a quilt. These could not be more different! The one on the left is called "Black Diamond" and the one on the right is called "Not so Mellow Yellow".
And would ya look at this! Here are all the bingo card blocks we made for our Christmas Party game, all sewn up into the nicest quilt. I believe it was Catherine took on this challenge. She solved the problem of some variation in the size of the finished blocks by setting them wonkily with white sashing to even them out. Pretty successful I think.
Kim is new to our guild and new to quilting, but I'm telling you, this lady does nothing by halves. Above is her first quilt, called "Big Blocks". Quite an accomplishment, especially for the first one out of the gate.
Not one to rest on her laurels she moved on to making a baby quilt, aptly titled "Ryan's Baby".
And to top it all off she moved on to this stunner, called "Jimmy's Breakfast Quilt" named in honour of her Dog. Apparently she made all of these over a month and a half at the Neilsen Park Creative Centre, as part of a project class. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty impressed.

All right, so that is Part I of our February Meeting. Stay Tuned for Part II. Coming soon!

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