Fall 2017 meeting updates

The Toronto MQG membership has grown quickly over the past year and interest in joining our fun guild keeps building. After careful analysis of our current meeting space and the subsequent feedback from our last meeting, we realized a larger meeting space was in order. An exhaustive search was conducted and we're happy to report that we'll be moving to a new home this September!

Trinity-St Paul's United Church, Dance Studio

427 Bloor Street West (west of Spadina)

Spadina TTC subway station; GreenP and street parking nearby 

September 24, 2017

**NEW TIME** 3:30 - 5:30 pm

A great supporter of the arts, Trinity-St. Paul is a vibrant community hub that has been serving the local and extended neighbourhood for more than 125 years. Today, it's home to 60 organizations – cultural, educational, religious, recreational, community and social service groups. And we're looking forward to being a part of its scene!

Many of you have expressed an interest in joining the Toronto MQG. Unfortunately, our membership was closed while we worked out our space issues. Securing our new home for September means our membership is now open for business!

As a special offer (and reward for your patience!) a combined 2017-2018 membership fee of $50 will be available to new members until December. Joining the Toronto MQG has many benefits, including access to all the perks of the greater MQG. Come join the fold here!

A special thank you to The Workroom

A debt of gratitude goes to Karyn Valino and The Workroom. Since our guild's beginnings, The Workroom has been a faithful supporter and gracious host of our meetings. We will miss that welcoming cookie jar and being within touching distance of such beautifully curated fabric! That said, we will continue to hold workshops, special events and guild shopping events at its new space.

We know summer's not over yet (has it even started?) but we're already looking forward to autumn!


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