October 2017 Meeting Recap

We had quite the productive meeting in October what with elections for next year's term, social updates, a session on marking tools, and a couple of challenges coming to an end. 

QuiltCon Charity Quilt Challenge

Organizer Lynda and participants presented their awesome quilt-as-you-go sections. We’re looking forward to seeing them come together and be featured proudly in Pasadena next February.

President's Challenge

October also drew an end to another guild challenge, Adrienne’s challenge. Members teamed up last June, drew 2 random Crayola crayons and off they went!

First up was Elena & Jane’s Carnations & Clementines 

Laura & Catherine drew carnation pink and turquoise blue crayons for their quilt

Valerie & Sue’s WIP starburst quilt was inspired by their lime green and blue crayons

Becky & Diana's metallic gold and pink crayons set the stage for this detailed improv study.

Xandra & Catherine’s Flying North panels made great use of a brown and orange draw

After much deliberation, the winning team was … <drumroll> … Laura and Catherine! Congrats to all participants and stay tuned for next year’s new prez challenge.

2017 UFO Challenge

Elena’s lovely Amethyst Jubilee quilt was a surprise gift for her mom. So sweet!

Becky’s UFO started off as a quilt intended for her husband but as is often the case, she no longer felt the pull to complete it as such. So Ms. Ingenuity decided to upcycle the quilt into something practical. Challenge: Becky’s likes to sleep in tanktops. However, she sometimes feels a slight chill whilst reading in bed, eating bonbons. Solution: the full-frontal Shrug Thing II. We’re thinking Project Runway’s in your future Becky. Let's bring back the bed jacket!

Becky also shared two pillow covers:

Emily checked off two sweeet UFOs from her list: a huge BoM sampler quilt and a Mini Quilt Club quilt. That must feel great!

And if you haven’t heard yet, we’re extending the 2017 UFO Challenge until the January 28 meeting! That’s giving registered participants an extra two months to be like these ladies who Get. Things. Done! Remember to always tag your œuvres #tmqgUFO2017 on Instagram and show your support to fellow members.

Show & Share

Elena’s uplifting Beach Balls & Raindrops was inspired by our Jen Carlton-Bailly's workshop:

Louise’s Crimson Forest quilt was a gorgeous exercise in uber-skinny strip improv piecing. Exquisite!

Marking Tools

Steff brought numerous marking tools that participants could try out on different coloured fabrics. The much-loved yet "controversial" Frixion pen was tested and it was soon determined that it tends to leave a white line on darker fabrics after heat is applied. However, the line was not visible on lighter fabrics.

Other marking tools included some water soluble marking pens that seemed to leave some of the colour of the pens even after using the water. Another marking tool from Bohn provided a sharp, thin chalk line that's easier to remove versus any of the chemical/ink-based tools tested.


What a fun-filled meeting with lots of tips to share. As always, keep it coming!


A full list of the election results and meeting minutes can be found here.


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